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Journal of Engineering, Design and Technology is a CIB-encouraged journal publishing practically-minded quality research aimed at all interested parties in the engineering, design and technology sectors

ISSN: 1726-0531
eISSN: 1726-0531

Aims and scope

Exploring the interface between academic research and practical application, the Journal of Engineering, Design and Technology (JEDT) serves all practitioners, professionals and clients in the engineering, design and technology sectors. The journal aims to expand the boundaries of knowledge in these fields and provide an international forum for the interchange of information and current issues from around the world.

Journal of Engineering, Design and Technology publishes fully refereed papers on practice and progress in the field, in-depth case research papers, reviews of projects and case studies, and discussion on research, innovation and education policies and strategies.

Subjects covered by JEDT include, but are not limited to:

  • Design strategies
  • Usability and adaptability
  • Material, component and systems performance
  • Process control
  • Alternative and new technologies
  • Organizational, management and research issues
  • Human factors
  • Environmental, quality and health and safety issues
  • Cost and life cycle issues
  • Sustainability criteria, indicators, measurement and practices
  • Risk management
  • Entrepreneurship Law, regulation and governance
  • Design, implementing, managing and practicing innovation
  • Visualization, simulation, information and communication technologies
  • Education practices, innovation, strategies and policy issues

Before authors make a submission to the journals, the Editors would strongly advise all authors to make themselves aware of the current materials being published in JEDT and in the relative field. By submitting to JEDT, you are entering a well-established and vibrant community of practice that will enable you to test and debate your work with academic peers internationally, so it is important that your paper is directly engaged within emergent findings in this field.