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Promote your resources

Use these materials to promote your Emerald resources to users. Choose from a range of formats and sizes or contact us to request translations or to personalise these templates.

Drive usage for your subscribed content

Whether you have full or trial access, we have created a wide range of materials to help you promote your Emerald resources to users.

For tailored versions of any of these materials, please get in touch with us and we'll be happy to help.

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Set up content alerts for journals and books on Emerald Insight

Using their profile login, users can set up content alerts for their chosen journals and books in order stay connected to the latest research in their field.

Web banners & social media images

eJournal Subject collections

Promote your subject specific resources to the relevant users within your institution.

Web banners and social media images

By eJournal Subject Collection

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Pre-written communications

Use these pre-written communications to inform your library users that you have trial access to Emerald content:

Emerald logo

The Emerald logo should always be clearly legible, ideally with an exclusion zone around the logo equal to the vertical face of the Emerald ‘e’ logomark.

We recommend a minimum size of 190 pixels wide x 80 pixels high to ensure legibility.

Our logo is available in other formats if required, please get in touch if this is the case.

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Our quick reference guides and videos will help your users get the most out of our content platform Emerald Insight. Download our guides or watch our videos in 11 languages.

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We are here to help you deliver the most relevant and current resources to your students, researchers or colleagues. Find tools and services to engage your users and make the most of your content

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Librarian toolkit

Find out about access and authentication, download user guides and usage reports or explore resources for discovery.

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