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Library administrator resources

Discover how the Account management portal can be used to view all account information in one place. 

Watch our video demonstration on accessing and using the Account management portal on Emerald Insight, or use our written guide below.

You will also find guidance on authentication routes, content discovery and accessing COUNTER usage reports.

Off-campus access

For information on ensuring remote user access is maintained, please visit our Customer support portal. For any additional assistance, please email [email protected]

How to use the Account Management Portal

Our quick reference guide is designed to help administrators get the most out of the institutional administration area of our Emerald Insight research platform.

Through the Account management portal, you can also access Emerald Insight COUNTER usage data or request usage permissions (SUSHI).


A quick reference guide for administrators on how to use the institutional administration area of the Emerald Insight research platform.

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Traditional Chinese

圖書館管理員如何使用 Emerald Insight  研究平台機構管理區域的快速參考指南。



Guide de référence rapide pour les administrateurs sur la façon d’utiliser l’espace d’administration institutionnelle de la plateforme de recherche Emerald Insight.

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Kurzanleitung für AdministratorInnen zur Nutzung des Verwaltungsbereichs für Bildungseinrichtungen der Emerald Insight Forschungsplattform.

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Guida di riferimento rapido per amministratori sull’utilizzo dell’area di gestione del profilo dell’istituto della piattaforma di ricerca Emerald Insight.

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Emerald Insightリサーチプラットフォームの機 関管理領域の使用方法に関する管理者用クイッ クリファレンスガイド。




Krótki poradnik dla administratorów dotyczący korzystania z instytucjonalnego obszaru administracyjnego platformy naukowej Emerald Insight.

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Brazilian Portuguese

Um guia de referência rápida para administradores sobre como usar a área de administração institucional da plataforma de pesquisa Emerald Insight.

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Latin American Spanish

Guía de consulta rápida para administradores sobre cómo utilizar el área de administración institucional de la plataforma de investigación Emerald Insight.

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คู่มื่ อื สำำหรับั ใช้้อ้้างอิงิ อย่่างรวดเร็ว็ สำำหรับั ผู้้ดูู แลระบบ เกี่่ยวกับั วิธีิ ี ใช้้ส่่วนการดููแลระบบของสถาบันั ของ แพลตฟอร์ม์ เพื่่อการวิจัิ ัยของ Emerald Insight



Emerald Insight araştırma platformunun kurumsal yönetim alanının nasıl kullanılacağına ilişkin, yöneticiler için bir hızlı başvuru kılavuzu.

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Emerald Insight 연구 플랫폼의 기관 관리 영역을 사용하는 방법에 대한 관리자용 빠른 참조 가이드입니다.




هذا دليل مرجعي سريع للمسئولين عن كيفية استخدام  منطقة الإدارة المؤسسية على منصة أبحاث .Emerald Insight


Six simple steps to get your Emerald resources set up

This simple guide includes links to all of the information you need to manage your account, facilitate access and discovery, and promote your resources.

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Account Management Portal FAQs

How do I register as an administrator for an institution?

The AMP allows the administrator at an institution to manage all resources in one place, using their own user profile login. When you login to using your user profile, you will be given the option to proceed as a user or access the AMP as an administrator.

If you are already registered as the administrator for your institution:

Using your user profile details, login at and select the AMP link.

If you need to register as the administrator for your institution:

  • First you need to register a user profile at
  • Then contact Customer Support so that we can link your user profile to the institutional account. Once this has been confirmed, you will be able to log in as above.

Why do I need to set up 2FA for access to the Account Management Portal?

In order to access the Account Management Portal, we do require two-factor authentication to be enabled. This ensures the security of the sensitive data which is stored in the portal itself. Our development pipeline includes plans to introduce the ability for Account Administrators to be able to make changes to their authentication details, or purchase licences or user credits within the portal itself, so this additional layer of security is essential.

If you are unhappy with downloading an authenticator app at the moment and whilst this additional functionality is not available, please contact our Customer Support Team for advice.

I have registered a profile but cannot see a link to the AMP when I login on Emerald Insight. Why is this?

If the link to the AMP is not visible from your profile area in Emerald Insight, this would indicate that you are not currently registered as a Library Administrator for your account.

Please email Customer Support to request this. Please include your organisation’s details in your correspondence.

I am having trouble accessing the portal, who can help?

If you experience any issues with accessing the AMP, please email Customer Support for assistance.

Can we register more than one administrator?

Yes. Please ensure that any additional administrators have registered a profile at before emailing Customer Support to request the addition to your account.

What if some of the information on the portal is incorrect for my institution?

If you require any changes to your account information, including IP updates and authentication details, please email Customer Support for assistance.

Please note, if you have an IPv6 but this is not currently registered for access, please ensure this is communicated to the Support team, as this can impact on remote access. Please see our guidance for details.

Will all access entitlements be displayed in the portal, including legacy subscriptions where AIP has been retained?

The portal lists your current holdings only.. If you would like confirmation of your access entitlements, please contact your regional Emerald representative.

All COUNTER usage reports for your institution are accessed directly through the AMP.

Can I still use the LibLynx usage portal?

If you choose to do so, you can continue to use the link to the Liblynx portal. We would recommend using the AMP to access usage data in order to consolidate your routes to information on your Emerald account.

How do I access usage reports via the Account Management Portal?

Once you are logged in to the AMP, select the section for COUNTER reports. Within this area, you can choose which report(s) you wish to run and use the filters to customise the criteria used.

I want to register for SUSHI – where can I find the details to do this?

Once you are logged in to the AMP, select the section for COUNTER reports. Within this area, click on the ‘Enable SUSHI’ option. Your SUSHI details will then be displayed permanently so that you can always view them from this tab.

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