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Equality & people

Our initiatives aim to reduce inequalities, paying attention to the needs of disadvantaged and marginalised populations. They highlight that equality is not only a fundamental human right, but a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world.

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Greater access for all: promoting good mental health

The global pandemic is adding to the strain on mental health services in many countries. This year, World Mental Health Day is all about making sure support is available to everyone who needs it during these difficult times and beyond.

Research can help to make mental health for all a reality. Explore free articles, book chapters, author insights and interviews with people in our community. Together we can make a difference.

US Black History Month

This year’s US Black History Month theme for 2021 is Black family: representation, identity and diversity, which looks to explore the African diaspora in Black families that are across the USA

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#BlackLivesMatter – beyond the hashtag

Going beyond the hashtag we want to share crucial research and insights which can help each and everyone one of us tackle anti-black racism across the globe. We've gathered several freely accessible resources including journals, book chapters, and blogs all of which explore the evidence of anti-black racism which appears within contexts such as education, workplace, and healthcare.

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Kindness matters

At a time when the future is uncertain and we can feel disconnected, the smallest act can have the biggest effect. Kindness matters!

Here at Emerald, we believe that protecting our mental health and wellbeing is crucial to avoiding burnout, so we have brought together some research and information to help you during these challenging times.

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For research to have real impact, it must be inclusive – shaped by diverse voices at every stage. We are committed to supporting diversity in the work we publish, in our workforce, and in wider society.

To mark Pride month, we've gathered together research from across our books and journals – freely available for you to read, as well as blogs, special issues, and call for papers around these research areas.

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Quality education and learning

We’re looking to build on the amount of meaningful research we publish in the field of education and learning and would love to hear more about your current research in the area. Discover your different routes to publication: journals, books and our open access programme.

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Inclusive societies – disabilities

For research to have real impact, it must be inclusive – shaped by diverse voices at every stage. We are committed to supporting diversity in the work we publish, in our workforce and in wider society.

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Six ways to empower women across the world

“We can do it” – This iconic phrase was first introduced during World War Two; next to the infamous image of a women in overalls ready to work. Until this day this image has symbolized solidarity and empowerment for women.

So 75 years later what exactly are we doing to help empower women to go out and ‘do it’?

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More on equality & people

Gender inequality in the construction industry: an open letter for change & inclusivity

Gender inequality and discrimination is a global problem. Since 2017, we have carried out exploratory studies to identify issues of gender inequality that exist in the construction industry.

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Key innovations to achieve poverty reduction: empower women

In 2012, 19 institutions started the NOPOOR Project – Enhancing Knowledge for Renewed Policies against Poverty to investigate and discuss the best practices to fighting poverty and inequality.

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Gender equality in Latin American countries

Gender equality increases economic growth, enhances fairness, strengthens peace and security, reduces corruption, and raises social and environmental sustainability

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Language barrier

Why your words could be shutting readers out – and what to do about it. Katie-Rose Comery from The Writer talks about accessible writing for all readers.

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Emerald Publishing supports researcher freedom to change their name on published articles

Emerald Publishing has launched an author name change policy that gives authors the freedom to change their name on a published article for any reason.

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What’s it like to be a workplace mental health first aider?

We spoke to two of our mental health first aid team about their roles and the importance of being able to access support for good mental health at work.

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Out of Africa: A crusade against prejudice on the path to parity

Mark Karake, decided to throw away his financial stability and burgeoning career in order to enhance the life chances of people in his native Africa. 

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One size does not fit all: customizing the technology needs and wants of an aging society

For a truly technologically ‘inclusive’ society, technology and its advertisement need to consider the diverse usage needs and preferences of older adults.

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Mobilising knowledge through social media: getting the right ideas to the right people

Scott Taylor, Research Services Manager at the University of Manchester, talks about how the university has been exploring methods to explain new research in an accessible way.

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Making high-quality education accessible for all

Emerald’s Senior Publisher for Education, Sharon Parkinson, talks to Dr Kim Schildkamp – President ICSEI – about the challenges in education at the moment.

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