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Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability

CSR statement

Image: CSR statement

At Emerald Publishing we strive for transparent business operations and performance.

We adhere to a high set of ethics and values, which guide our governance procedures and daily management decisions.

Sustainability through performance, relationships and research

In order to have a long term valuable impact on the social context of all its stakeholders and to effectively contribute to the protection of the environment, Emerald recognises that it must be a profitable business operating above and beyond existing ethical and legal standards.

As an organisation, Emerald is committed to expanding its operations globally in a sustainable manner for the benefit of its customers, its employees, and the wider communities and environment on which it impacts. The company takes a proactive approach to its corporate responsibility, which is deeply rooted in its corporate strategy and business decisions at executive level.

As a publisher, Emerald chooses to facilitate the global production and dissemination of research that focuses on issues of social importance. Our scope of publishing covers the collection and dissemination of research that is relevant to the fields of management, library and information science, linguistics and audiology, engineering and the social sciences.

Emerald's strategy for achieving our long-term sustainable vision involves six key initiatives:

  • Support scholarly research
  • Make research accessible
  • Use technology responsibly
  • Sustain and protect our environment
  • Support local and regional communities
  • Observe high ethical standards in business and employee relationships