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We believe that the study of PHDS can lay a solid foundation for the academic career of the researchers. Emerald is committed to the research and publication of management, and hopes to encourage the publication of excellent results and disseminate the beneficial knowledge of the society by providing fund support for China's doctoral students in management.

After an anonymous review by experts, two "Outstanding Doctoral Dissertations of the Year" (RMB 8,000 per article) and three "Highly Appreciation Awards" (RMB 4,000 per article) were selected. In addition to bonuses and award certificates, the IACMR will provide the winners with one-year free membership and one-year free online access to the Institute's publication "Organization Management Study" and Emerald Press SSCI Journal Chinese Management Studies.


Winning Articles

Qiongjing Hu,Yanlong Zhang, Jingjing Yao. Family involvement in middle management and its impact on the labor productivity of family firms. Management and Organization Review (in print)


This study departs from previous research on family business and management literature by focusing family involvement in middle-level management. Meanwhile, it involves multiple levels of contextual factors to qualify the main relationship, which was examined with a large scale, multi-source dataset. Overall the paper makes a valuable contribution by drawing attention to middle level management in the family business research.
The study by Hu, Zhang, and Yao examined the impact of family involvement in middle management on family firms' performance, which was an important yet understudied topic. The authors analyzed data based on a nationally representative sample of privately owned enterprises. Further, objective data were used in testing the hypotheses. These greatly enhanced the validity of this study. The findings of this study provides importance practical implications.

Acceptance speech

It is a great honor to receive the IACMR/Emerald China Doctoral-Publication Award. I truly thank IACMR and Emerald for the recognition and encouragement. This paper started from a term paper for Seminar in Organization Theory when I was a first-year graduate student in Guanghua School of Management. Thanks to my dear coauthors, Professor Yanlong Zhang and Professor Jingjing Yao, and of course, the editors and reviewers, the paper has been improved quite a lot. It is my first time trying to combine both micro and macro perspectives to study an organizational phenomenon. This award will motivate me to continue this wonderful journey.

Shumin Qiu, Xielin Liu, Taishan Gao. Do emerging countries prefer local knowledge or distant knowledge? Spillover effect of university collaborations on local firms. Research Policy, 46(7), 1299-1311.


This paper demonstrates two important contingencies, regional and temporal contexts, for spillover effects of international vs. domestic collaborations on firm innovation. It is conceptually interesting and clearly presented.
This paper developed an absorptive capacity view about how inter-university collaborations influence corporate innovation. The theoretical arguments were well grounded in existing research. The findings are interesting and have practice implications.

Acceptance speech

It is a great honor for our paper to receive the IACMR/Emerald China Doctoral-Research Publication Awards. We would like to express our deepest gratitude towards Emerald Group Publishing, IACMR and the esteemed committee for supporting doctoral research in mainland China. Our study compared university spillover effects of two types of knowledge, localized knowledge from domestic collaboration and distant knowledge from international collaboration. The results indicated that universities in developed regions can promote local innovation via research collaborations with both domestic and global universities, but for underdeveloped regions, universities should emphasize local technological demand rather than blindly pursue international collaboration. We hope our research can deepen the understanding of university’s role in different regions. Again, we are extremely grateful to the Emerald, IACMR and all the great support from our universities, mentors and colleagues.

Highly Commended Articles

Haiyang Liu, Jack Ting-Ju Chiang, Ryan Fehr, Minya Xu, Siting Wang. How do leaders react when treated unfairly? Leader narcissism and self-interested behavior in response to unfair treatment. Journal of Applied Psychology, 102 (11), 1590.


This study is well designed with multi-source data collected at different times. The application of trait activation theory in the case of fairness perception, which reconciles seemingly contradictory effects of leader narcissism, is also insightful and contributes to the literature.
By employing the trait activation framework, the study by Liu, Chiang, Fehr, Xu, and Wang examined leader unfairness perception as a social cue that may impact the expression of leader narcissism. The counterintuitive findings that leader narcissism can lead to either positive or negative leaders’ and followers’ behaviors depending on the social cue contribute to both leadership literature and fairness literature. Further, the authors collected multi-source multi-wave data from a large sample with nested structure, demonstrating methodological rigor.

Acceptance speech

It is my honor to receive this reward. I need to thank my supervisors who are also my co-authors. Research is always not an easy thing, that impressed me very much especially when I was doing this project, and I’m so glad that we have finally figured it out. I believe this experience is a precious treasure for my life. A good research work definitely comes from the reality and reflects something interesting, and the results must provide some deep implications which drive readers to think. Those are the power and the charm of academic research which motivate me to keep going on.

Yang Liu, Juan Feng, Xiuwu Liao.When online reviews meet sales volume information: Is more or accurate information always better. Information Systems Research, 28 (4), 723-743.


The study by Liu, Feng, and Liao provided a timely examination of the joint effect of online reviews and past sales volume information. The research questions addressed by this study are highly important in advancing research in this area as well as advancing practices. The findings have implications for both consumers and organizations' decision makers.

Acceptance speech

I am so proud to be announced of receiving this award from IACMR committee. I want to thank the committee first for this recognition of my early work during the Ph.D. program. I also want to take this opportunity to thank my colleagues for their help in this work. Without them, it couldn’t go so smoothly. I also believe that the set-up of this award is really important to young scholars like me. It is really an encouragement to my colleagues and myself. Therefore, I really hope the committee can continue their exceptional and benevolent efforts in helping young scholars. Best wishes to IACMR and I want to thank you again!

Fei Zuo, Kailing Zhang.(2018). Selection of risk response actions with consideration of secondary risks. International Journal of Project Management36 (2) :241-254.


This paper proposed an optimization method to address the problem of selecting risk response actions (RRAs) with consideration of secondary risk, which refers to the risk that arises as a direct result of implementing a risk response action.
While this paper is in the area of operational and project management. The research design is rigor and the results are sound. It suggests that project managers should allocate more budget for responding the project risk when the secondary risk is considered.

Acceptance speech

I want to express my sincere appreciation and thanks to the International Association for Chinese Management Research for recognizing me with Highly Commended Awards. I am truly humbled and honored to receive it. I would like to thank experts for recognizing my paper with this incredible award. I would also like to thank Emerald for providing such a platform for just graduated PhDs, and I believe that more young scholars will benefit from this fund. In the future, I will pay close attention to the activities organized by IACMR/Emerald, and submit more high-quality articles to the related journals.

Thank the following reviewers for their work and support.

Committee Chair
Wu Liu, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Macro committee members
Chung Chi-Nien Singapore National University
David H. Zhu Arizona State University 
Micro committee members
Yuan Jiang, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Yujie(Jessie) Zhan, Wilfrid Laurier University

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