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Changes in workplace practices during the COVID-19 pandemic: the roles of emotion, psychological safety and organisation support

Investigates the psychological safety, organisation support and emotion in the workplace during the transition from office to home working during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.

“We aren't your reincarnation!” workplace motivation across X, Y and Z generations

Examines generational differences in valuing the sources of employees' overall motivation in the workplace across Generation X, Generation Y and Generation Z with a view of assisting managers in making employment decisions and maintaining multigenerational staff.

The influence of social distancing on employee well-being: a conceptual framework and research agenda

Examines how different social distancing practices impact an organization's service continuity or service hibernation, which in turn affects different dimensions of their employee subjective well-being during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Total reward system, job satisfaction and employee productivity on company financial performance: evidence from Indonesian generation z workers

Aims to analyze monetary and non-monetary rewards from the HRM perspective to provide inputs for organizations to design compensation strategies that will impact on company’s financial performance with employee productivity and job satisfaction as mediating variables specifically for Generation Z.

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Key journals within this topic

We have a broad range of journals containing content relevant to the topic of HR and training. Here are some of our key journals in this area. 

Journal cover

Personnel Review

Personnel Review (PR) publishes rigorous, well written articles from a range of theoretical and methodological traditions.

Journal cover

Employee Relations

A leading international academic journal focusing on the importance of understanding employment and HR challenges and debates within the context of contemporary national and international labour markets.

Journal cover

European Journal of Training and Development

Aims to provide all those involved in research and practice in training with ideas, news, research findings, case examples and discussion on training and development. 

Journal cover

Career Development International

Provides a platform for research in the areas of careers and development that deals with questions of theories and theory development, as well as with organisational career strategy, policy and practice.

Journal cover

Leadership & Organization Development Journal

Examines the body of management theory around leadership and organisations in order to discover new, more effective ways of managing in organisations.

A sample of the books in this topic

Below is a selection of recent books from our broad range of content in the area of HR and training.  

Book cover

Contemporary Global Issues in Human Resource Management

This book examines issues that employees encounter in the workplace: ethics, diversity, discrimination, generational differences, conflicts, participation, digitalisation and work-life balance.

Book cover

HR Initiatives in Building Inclusive and Accessible Workplaces

Drawing upon empirical research from global multinational corporations comes a two-part reference book on how to develop resilient HR initiatives for building inclusive and accessible workplaces. Including a user-friendly training manual, this book equips you with a practical resource grounded in theory.

Book cover

Transformative Leadership in Action: Allyship, Advocacy & Activism

The latest in our Building Leadership Bridges series challenges the reader to do the essential self-work required of a 21st century leader, and provides the road map to developing the skills necessary to take on increasing public leadership roles to support causes related to justice and equity.

Book cover

Managing Talent: A Critical Appreciation

This edited text brings together and explores a range of concerns arising from theory and practice and offers both practical recommendations and implications for further research.

Book cover

The Heroic Leadership Imperative: How Leaders Inspire and Mobilize Change

The Heroic Leadership Imperative illustrates how leaders who fulfil these expectations succeed attracting followers and initiating social change.

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