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Advances in computational plasticity

Engineering Computations
This issue will present latest developments in Computational Plasticity and related areas with focus on topics discussed at the COMPLAS 2023 conference.
Guest editor(s)
E de Souza Neto, D Perić, M Chiumenti, C Agelet de Saracibar,

Entrepreneurship and inequality in emerging economies

Journal of Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies
The aim of this SI is to advance research on the nexus between entrepreneurship and inequality from an emerging economic perspective and to further shape research direction in this topical area.
Guest editor(s)
Professor Boris Urban, Associate Professor Vanessa Ratten, Associate Professor Yazid Abubakar Abdullahi,

Call for Papers: Beyond Tech Gimmicks: Omni-Digital Touchpoints for Products and Brands

Journal of Product & Brand Management
This special issue will address the need for ways for marketing and society to implement omni-digital strategies that benefit the customer journey.
Guest editor(s)
Alena Kostyk, Seth Ketron, Atefeh Yazdanparas, Yogesh K. Dwivedi,

Call for Papers: Unravelling the Power of Virtual Reality for the Future of Workplace Learning and Design. Individual, organisational, and societal considerations

Journal of Workplace Learning
This Special Issue seeks to present an overview of the role and application of Virtual Reality (VR) in workplace learning and design, and to outline an agenda for future research in the field. We...
Guest editor(s)
Dr Tiziana C. Callari,

Call for Papers: Rise of Voice Conversation Capabilities in Smart Service Systems

Journal of Service Management
By providing a deeper understanding of smart voice services, the special issue aims to contribute to the research field of smart service systems with a particular focus on voice capabilities. We...
Guest editor(s)
Carsten D. Schultz, Bieke Henkens, Dominik Mahr, Arne De Keyser,

Call for Papers: Feminist Approaches to Gender and Entrepreneurship research

International Journal of Gender and Entrepreneurship
This special issue focuses on how feminist informed research can challenge current understandings of gender and entrepreneurship, highlighting diverse perspectives, theories and approaches.
Guest editor(s)
Sally Jones, Haya Al-Dajani, Carol Ekinsmyth, Lorna Treanor,

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