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Mental health and well-being in prisons and places of detention

International Journal of Prison Health
Although much has been written about mental health in prison, most of research produced is centred on prevalence studies and occasionally on meta-analysis. There is little evidence on interventions...
Guest editor(s)
Filipa Alves da Costa, Maaike Kempes,

Crafting Excellence through Digital Voice of Customer in the Age of Quality 4.0

International Journal of Quality & Reliability Management
This special issue focuses on various aspects of digitalization about the voice of customer – capture, analyze, understand, and integrate.
Guest editor(s)
Dr Peter Madzík, Professor Arash Shahin, Dr Dominik Zimon, Dr Neeraj Yadav,

Professional Capital in Communities Experiencing Political and Social Conflict

Journal of Professional Capital and Community
Four years ago, amidst the rise of the COVID-19 Global Pandemic, the Journal of Professional Capital and Community (JPCC) published a special issue of JPCC to address Professionalism in the Pandemic...
Guest editor(s)
Martin Scanlan, Rebecca Lowenhaupt, Vincent Cho,

The Contribution of Ocean Carbon Sinks to Climate Change Mitigation

International Journal of Climate Change Strategies and Management
Exploring the role of ocean carbon sinks in mitigating climate change through interdisciplinary research and innovative strategies.
Guest editor(s)

Integrating AI in ESG Frameworks: Pioneering Knowledge Economy Transformations

VINE Journal of Information and Knowledge Management Systems
The special issue aims to explore the intersection of AI and ESG within the knowledge economy, seeking to advance both theoretical understanding and practical applications.
Guest editor(s)
Davide Calandra, Maurizio Massaro, Federico Lanzalonga, Vahid Jafari-Sadeghi,

Integrating Behavioral insights into Organizational Change for Circular Economy

Journal of Organizational Change Management
Our inquiry in this special issue is centered on the complex relationship that exists between the adoption of circular economy practices and human behavior.
Guest editor(s)
Muhammad Farrukh, Aldona Glińska-Neweś, Magda Osinska, Hanna Lehtimäki, Issam Ghazzawi,

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