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Exploring Cultural Arbitrage in Global Entrepreneurship: A Multilevel Phenomena

Cross Cultural & Strategic Management
This special issue seeks to probe the overlooked pillar of global arbitrage in entrepreneurship: culture. We seek to stimulate theoretical and empirical contributions that advance our understanding of...
Guest editor(s)
Robert J. Pidduck, Daniel R. Clark, Ahmad Al Asady,

Reframing Fox: The Continuing Impact of ‘Beyond Contract’ and ‘Man Mismanagement’ 50 Years On

Employee Relations
This Special Issue will analyse the enduring significance of the work on Alan Fox, whose influential books, Beyond Contract and Man Mismanagement, were published 50 years ago in 1974.
Guest editor(s)
Andy Hodder, Michael Gold,

Digital Innovation in Hospitality and Tourism

International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management
The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on tourism and hospitality sectors globally. The border closures, travel restrictions, quarantine requirements, events cancellations and fear of...
Guest editor(s)
Prof. Xusen Cheng, Prof. Jian Mou, Prof. Yonggui Wang, Dr. Triparna de Vreede,

Globally Responsible Business Leadership - Asian perspectives

Journal of Global Responsibility
This special issue aims to strengthen the conceptual and empirical understanding of globally responsible business leaders' actions, roles, and related issues within Asia. Without further examination...
Guest editor(s)
Kim-Lim, TAN, Ivy Siaw Hung, Hiram, TING, Weng Hang, KONG,

A retrospective and prospective of how to develop managers, framed by post-pandemic experiences of digital transformation

Journal of Management Development
The special issue gives a retrospective and prospective of how to develop managers, framed by post-pandemic experiences of digital transformation.
Guest editor(s)
Madeleine Stevens, Monika Foster,

Social Media, Cyberbullying and Gen Z

Young Consumers
This special issue aims to stimulate interdisciplinary research leading to papers that have substantial relevance with Gen Z, the need for responsible uses and the danger of irresponsible uses of...
Guest editor(s)
Fazlul K. Rabbanee, Sean Lee, Ian Phau,

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