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International Journal of Quality and Service Sciences

International Journal of Quality and Service Sciences

ISSN: 1756-669X

This journal is a Hybrid Open Access journal
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Aims and Scope 

The International Journal of Quality and Service Sciences seeks to explore various aspects of quality and services as closely interrelated phenomena in the context of ongoing transformation processes of organizations and societies. Thus the journals' scope is not limited to micro perspectives of  organizational and management related issues. It seeks further to explore patterns, behaviors, processes, mechanisms, principles and consequences related to quality and services in a broad range of organizational and social/global processes. These processes embrace cultural, economic, social, environmental and even global dimensions in order to better understand the past, to better diagnose the current situations and hence to design better the future.

The journal seeks to embrace a holistic view of quality and service sector management and explicitly promotes the emerging field of ‘quality and service sciences’.The journal is an open forum and one of the main channels for communication of multi- and inter- disciplinary research and practices.

Together with Total Quality Management and Business Excellence (Taylor & Francis), the International Journal of Quality and Service Sciences is the official journal of the QMOD-ICQSS conference series.

Editorial objectives

  • Facilitate communication and interaction between researchers and practitioners
  • Encourage openness and exchange of knowledge as well as experience for increasing understanding
  • Encourage multidisciplinary research and provide a forum within the coverage fields
  • Encourage multiple methodologies, both qualitative and quantitative with varieties of sub-group methodologies
  • Encourage researchers and practitioners to be more self-reflective   


  • Relevant and related areas of Quality Sciences in a broad sense, theoretically and practically.
  • Relevant areas of Service Sciences in a broad sense, theoretically and practically
  • Linkage and integrative approaches of Quality and Service Sciences
  • Linkage between Quality Sciences and Organization theories
  • Linkage between Service Sciences and  Organization theories
  • Emerging tendencies and future trends within and between these areas


  • Ontology and epistemology of service and quality science
  • Emerging service society and the related phenomenon
  • Service economy and post modern workplace
  • Sustainable development of quality and service
  • Role of quality in service businesses
  • Interdisciplinary nature of service and quality science
  • Organization, occupation and work in service society
  • Comparative research on Quality and Service Management
  • Exploring similarities and differences between Quality and Service Management
  • Exploring the linkage between Service and Quality Management
  • Integrative model of Service and Quality Management
  • Linkage to other management and organization theories
  • Customer participation and value creation
  • Integration of stakeholder view in quality and service design
  • Quality and Service standardization and assurance
  • Improvement of quality and service standards
  • Quality and service culture
  • Attractive quality and service creation
  • Design and innovation for service and quality
  • Service and Quality in Experience economics
  • Service and Quality creation for Sustainable development
  • Quality and Service productivity
  • Market culture and consumer behavior
  • Emotional labor and commercialization of human feeling
  • Hospitality and care culture
  • Work and family in service society
  • Emerging trends, such as ‘Health consumption’, well being /wellness  industry, eco tourism, eco-efficiency
  • Globalization and Changing workplace in service age
  • Relationship Management
  • Public sector management including health, education and local government
  • Consumption and identity
  • Consumer attitude and behavior
  • The latest thinking and research in the field
  • Service encounter
  • Organizational design for building service and quality culture
  • Service, Quality and environmental issues
  • Quality and Service in e-business
  • Quality and service in information technology
  • Processes and operation management for service and quality

Key journal audiences

  • Academics and researchers engaged in researches in the quality and service field  
  • Managers and specialists both in manufacturing and service including public service 
  • Management consultants
  • Students (both graduate and undergraduate levels) studying /researching Service and Quality Sciences and other closely related fields, such as sociology, psychology etc.

Recent special issues:

QMOD-ICQSS conference, 'Building a culture for quality, innovation and sustainability' (Volume 9, Issue 3/4) - Guest Editors: Su Mi Dahlgaard-Park and Jens Dahlgaard. 18 papers are presented here, selected from the QMOD-ICHQSS conference held in Rome. Some papers are conceptual, whereas other papers are empirical based with a focus of quantitative modelling and measuring relationships and impacts, and other papers have a focus on qualitative analyses and storytelling. In this way, the selected papers complement each other and contribute to building a complex picture and understanding of the main theme of the conference.

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Association of Business Schools (ABS) Academic Journal Quality Guide, Australian Business Deans Council (ABDC) Quality Journal List, BFI (Denmark), NSD (Norway), Polish Scholarly Bibliography (PBN), The Publication Forum (Finland)


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