Gender & ethnicity pay gap reports

We are committed to equality, we are passionate about equal opportunities and the fair treatment of our global workforce. We aim to achieve a diverse workplace, and provide an inclusive working environment for all our people. Read our gender and ethnicity pay gap reports here. 

Gender & ethnicity pay gap reports



Emerald is resolutely committed to being a leading voice for inclusion and diversity. To us, that means regardless of race, gender, class, religion, sexual orientation, disability, age, income or anything else - individuals deserve and should demand to be equally represented and heard.

Gender pay gap report 2023


As Emerald Publishing and Emerald Works have separated into two distinct businesses and Emerald Group Solutions has merged back into Emerald Publishing, it will impact on how we report moving forward. As such we have produced a factsheet for 2022 to simply report our figures as a Group. We will provide a full report for 2023.…


The Emerald Group continues to see solid progress in reducing its gender pay gap, but our aim is to see any gap eliminated completely. Equally, we want to create an environment which is fully transparent, fair and equitable, hence we are reporting on our ethnicity pay gap for the first time this year.…
2019 Gender Pay Gap report


We are pleased to say we have made good progress on reducing our gender pay gap since we first started reporting in line with requirements, but we also recognise that we still have work to do and we are committed to continuing to focus our efforts on reducing our gender pay gap year-on-year.

Gender pay gap report 2019
2018 Gender Pay Gap Report


We’re pleased to report that our gender pay gap narrowed in 2018, but we recognise that there is further opportunity to do more. This report also outlines our plans for how we will continue to support gender equality.

Gender pay gap report 2018
2017 Gender Pay Gap Report


Gender pay gap reporting legislation now means that UK businesses with over 250 employees are required to publish statutory calculations each year. 

Gender pay gap report 2017

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