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Discover how to attract submissions, promote your journal, build lasting relationships with your reviewers, and improve your journal's reputation.

We value our editors. We understand that the time and effort you invest in your journal has an enormous part to play in its success. Here, you'll find tips and information designed to support you in this crucial role.

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Your Emerald team

Find out more about the roles of publisher, publishing editor and content editor and how they can help you.

More about the team

Your editorial team

A guide to the roles and responsibilities of editors, guest editors, additional editors and editorial board members.

Find out about team roles

Run a successful journal

Our practical guide looks at how the publishing process works, special issues, submissions, peer review, and more.

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Find and keep reviewers

Our useful tips are designed to help you source new reviewers and build lasting relationships.

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Promote your journal

We explore the steps we take to promote your journal, as well as ideas and advice on how you can get involved. 

Promote your journal

Develop and monitor your journal 

Everything you need to know about strategy, improving journal reputation and the power of metrics.

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Publishing ethics guidelines

Understand the responsibilities of editors, authors and reviewers, and what to do if an allegation of misconduct is made.

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Benefits of being an editor

Did you know, being a journal editor with Emerald entitles you to:

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