Your Emerald team

Here we take a look at the roles and responsibilities of the key members of your Emerald team.

You will find the contact details for your publisher on the 'Editorial team' tab of your journal landing page.

Below, we look at their responsibilities, along with the roles of the Journal Editorial Office, the supplier project manager, and the publishing assistant, so you know who to contact if you have any queries.


Your publisher will partner with you to manage and develop your journal portfolio.

Together, you can build awareness, increase rankings, readership, and citations.

Contact your publisher about

  • Journal performance and development
  • Special issue proposals
  • Submission generation
  • Emerald conference attendance
  • Journal ranking systems
  • New journal launches
  • Journal acquisitions
  • Ethics issues / allegations of misconduct
  • Emerald policies and practices

Journal Editorial Office (JEO)

Your Journal Editorial Office is responsible for supporting the content in your journal from submission to acceptance.

They manage queries regarding ethics, peer review and copyright, prior to sending the content to our production team.

Contact your Journal Editorial Office about

  • The editorial system ScholarOne
  • The review process
  • Author queries pre-acceptance
  • Manuscript data including submission, acceptance and rejection
  • Permissions queries pre-acceptance

Supplier project manager (SPM)

Your supplier project manager is responsible for the content in your journal from acceptance to publication.

They prepare the content for publication within our production system and manage queries and corrections, post-publication.

Contact your supplier project manager about

  • The production process
  • Author queries post-acceptance
  • Issue line ups
  • Author proofs
  • Post-publication corrections

Publishing assistant

Your publishing assistant will help the publisher to manage and develop your journal portfolio.

Contact your publishing assistant about

  • Journal data, including usage figures and author geographical breakdowns
  • Posting/editing calls for papers on the Emerald website
  • Abstracting and indexing services
  • Business cards and other promotional literature
  • Website and journal landing page updates
  • Posts on relevant Emerald social media channels

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