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Al Tharwa Al Naema: Towards women’s leadership development

Dr. Rania Sawalhi, Mr. Ghaith Hawari, Dr. Maen Altengi

7th March 2022

Women in education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) face challenges. A recent unique study by Dr Rania Sawalhi, Mr Ghaith Hawari, Dr Maen Altengi identified their needs. A competency framework was developed in order to develop their knowledge, skills, and dispositions.

The findings of the study are shared here and you can download an infographic of the results.

The most important competencies

Communication was the most important competency based on the respondents’ perspectives, as many respondents were not able to communicate with their families nor with their instructors in the university.

The most essential challenge they faced was critical thinking due to the limited opportunities available.

  • Communication
  • Critical thinking
  • Career readiness
  • Social & religious responsibility
  • Personal responsibility

The project changed my life, I could identify my values, my responsibilities, and my future path, and I was trained on how to manage my resources!

Lamyaa Al-Oteibi – a trainee

The programme has already had significant impact

Recommendations from the study helped Saudi organisations to develop their activities such as providing internship programmes and social incubation centres.

This study also guided other studies targeting the exploration of the needs of girls and women in Arab countries.

Many organisations in KSA are contacting the team to utilise the recommendations from the study and the training programme.

The team also developed another version of the training programme which was implemented in many Arab countries under the name (Talenter)

of participating women have seen their communication skills improved
of participating women have seen their problem-solving skills improved
of women joined social initiatives and volunteering groups as a result of their participation in the programme
of women could clarify their professional career path for the first time in their life
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This course really focuses on our needs. The training delivered by a creative instructor, using integrated and motivational training tools. It changed my views to life, and I am starting to achieve my future vision!

Rahma Al-Yami – a trainee

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Winner: ICSEI/JPCC Innovation Award 2020

This study is the 2020 winner of the International Congress for School Effectiveness and Improvement (ICSEI)/Journal of Professional Capital and Community (JPCC) Innovation Award.

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