Emerald and Oxford Analytica in exclusive partnership for the global academic community

24th January 2020

Emerald Publishing has today announced that it is to partner with Oxford Analytica, the pioneer of geopolitical risk analysis, to deliver analysis of events at the nexus of politics, economics, business and society to the academic community.

Expert Briefings are impartial analyses of macro-economic and geopolitical events, prepared by a global network of over 1,500 experts, including former policymakers, regulators and industry leaders, together with experienced analysts based in Oxford, UK. The briefings offer a unique understanding of the geopolitical and macroeconomic landscape, to inform decisions and reaction.

Oxford Analytica & Emerald Publishing

Harriet Bell, Emerald’s Marketing Director said of this newly launched service, available through Emerald Insight, “Our aim is to give the academic community the same information that global political, industry and sector leaders use. Expert Briefings provide up-to-the-minute, unique and valuable insights to inform thinking and influence research. We are delighted to have exclusive rights to this service in the academic community, underlining our commitment to helping researchers have a positive impact on the world, and tackle some of the world’s biggest issues, aligned to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.”

Emerald’s partnership with Oxford Analytica not only make the daily briefings available to the academic community, but also a rich archive of over 20,000 briefings dating back to 2015. This record allows students and researchers to put recent and emerging events in historical context.

David K. Young, CEO of Oxford Analytica, said: “With global interconnections and geopolitical threats and opportunities ever on the rise, students of business and policy-oriented courses as well as international relations need to develop a good understanding of key geopolitical issues. Our partnership with Emerald Publishing is therefore tremendously exciting, and we are delighted to have found a partner with such a strong commitment to providing content that is relevant and actionable, two of the central tenets of the Oxford Analytica Daily Brief.”

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Oxford Analytica is an independent geopolitical analysis and advisory firm drawing on a worldwide network of experts to advise its clients on their strategies, operations, policies and investments. Oxford Analytica’s trusted insights and seasoned judgements on global issues enable its clients to navigate complex markets where the nexus of politics and economics, business and society is critical to success. Founded in 1975, Oxford Analytica is the pioneer of geopolitical risk analysis, and today works with the world’s most influential businesses, governments and international organisations.