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Expert Briefings

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Expert Briefings are responses to macro-economic and geopolitical events, prepared for global political and business leaders to help them understand the implications.

The briefs are prepared by a network of over 1,500 expert academics in the field and edited in the UK by a team of expert analysts in Oxford. The peer-reviewed expert briefings are unbiased and focus on key events from all across the world, offering in many cases the best English language analysis of complicated events as they happen.

For academics, the briefings offer an insight into the information global leaders have at their disposal on the day the events occurred. They provide a backdrop of developments recorded now and over the past five years, allowing students and researchers to position their work in a real-world context.


Oxford Analytica’s authoritative analysis is built on robust methodology and founding principles that keep them independent and unbiased, ensuring objectivity in everything they do.


In-house specialists harness a global network working with over 1,500 leading scholars and former policy-makers, regulators and industry leaders, always bringing the most accurate analysis to the forefront.


Expert daily briefings are an up-to-minute analysis of issues impacting key decision-making on an international scale providing relevant, concise commentary and evaluation.


A blend of chronological developments and 'as it happens' commentary complements journal and eBook content with a relevant and unbiased viewpoint.



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Perpetual access to a content slice of the past five years, over 20,000 briefings from 2015-2019.


Subscription access to Expert Daily Briefings and archives from the past five years, over 20,000 items from 2015-2019.

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