Strategic Direction is an essential management information resource for today's strategic thinkers.

As a unique service, we scan through the best 400 management journals in the world and distil the most topical management issues and relevant implications for senior managers out of the cutting-edge research. We regularly present case study reviews of the Fortune 500 companies. Each briefing (no more than 2 to 3 pages long) is prepared by an independent writer who adds their own impartial comments and places the arguments in context.

Unique attributes
Strategic Direction offers CEOs powerful advantages by briefing them on the key ideas and major issues affecting business today.

As the business environment becomes more competitive, the quality of strategic thinking demonstrated by an organization can become a measure of its success. This journal is the first of its kind, built solely around the needs of the CEOs and their strategy teams, and is an essential tool in the conception and implementation of powerful strategies.

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