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Sport, Business and Management promotes the development of a coherent, high-quality body of work that examines both the business and management of sport, as well as the actors and stakeholders that align with sport to further their strategic objectives.

ISSN: 2042-678X
eISSN: 2042-678X

Aims and scope

The coverage of Sport, Business and Management: An International Journal (SBM) is fundamentally sport, business and management, with a broad range of related fields and topics falling under this area, including:

  • Accounting and finance; economics; marketing; human resources; IT; law ; supply chain management and international business
  • Corporate social responsibility and ethics; entrepreneurship and governance; organizational behavior in the sport industry
  • Professional sport; global sport; elite sport; amateur sport; grassroots sport; and esport.
  • Fans, spectators and customers; athletes and coaches; clubs and teams
  • Leagues and competitions; events and tournaments; stadiums and venues
  • Commercial and non-commercial partners; governing bodies and representative associations; intermediaries and athlete representatives
  • Suppliers, retailers and other outlets for sport
  • Traditional and new media outlets and distribution platforms
  • Places and spaces; local economic, social and other relevant sporting projects/initiatives.
  • Sociology, psychology, gender studies and contemporary topics related to the business of sport.

Submissions should utilize sporting examples and concepts to illustrate business and/or management theory; use suitable theories and concepts to investigate sport; and address business and managerial problems and issues in a sporting context.

While content that advances theoretical knowledge is suitable as a component of a submission, all work must include practical implications and applications demonstrating impact on sport, business and management.

This journal is aligned with our responsible management goal

We aim to champion researchers, practitioners, policymakers and organisations who share our goals of contributing to a more ethical, responsible and sustainable way of working.

SDG 8 Decent work & economic growth
SDG 9 Industry, innovation & infrastructure
SDG 10 Reduced inequalities
SDG 11 Sustainable cities & communities
SDG 12 Responsible consumption & production
SDG 13 Climate action
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