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Nutrition & Food Science (NFS) is an international journal offering accessible and comprehensive coverage of food, beverage and nutrition research.

ISSN: 0034-6659
eISSN: 0034-6659

Aims and scope

Nutrition & Food Science (NFS) draws out the practical and social applications of research, demonstrates best practice through applied research and case studies and showcases innovative or controversial practices and points of view.  The journal is an invaluable resource to inform individuals, organisations and the public on modern thinking, research and attitudes to food science and nutrition.
The journal welcomes empirical and applied research, viewpoint papers, conceptual and technical papers, case studies, meta-analysis studies, literature reviews and general reviews which take a scientific approach to the following topics: 

  • Attitudes to food and nutrition 
  • Healthy eating/ nutritional public health initiatives, policies and legislation
  • Clinical and community nutrition and health (including public health and multiple or complex co-morbidities) 
  • Nutrition in different cultural and ethnic groups 
  • Nutrition during pregnancy, lactation, childhood, and young adult years 
  • Nutrition for adults and older people 
  • Nutrition in the workplace 
  • Nutrition in lower and middle income countries (incl. comparisons with higher income countries) 
  • Food science and technology, including food processing and microbiological quality
  • Genetically engineered foods 
  • Food safety / quality, including chemical, physical and microbiological analysis of how these aspects effect health or nutritional quality of foodstuffs

This journal is aligned with our healthier lives goal

We understand the importance of a world that recognises and protects the most vulnerable and acknowledges the importance of a healthy mind as well as a healthy body.

SDG 1 No poverty
SDG 2 Zero hunger
SDG 3 Good health & well-being
SDG 6 Clean water & sanitation
SDG 8 Decent work & economic growth
SDG 10 Reduced inequalities
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