Voices From The Field call for submissions

Journal of Professional Capital and Community

Voices From The Field

The Journal of Professional Capital and Community (JPCC) seeks to provide a forum for dialogue between practitioners and scholars on research published in JPCC to expand and deepen our real world impact. We invite practitioners to share how they have engaged with ideas, theoretical frameworks, and other contributions from published articles in ‘the field.’

While the work of ‘researchers’ and ‘practitioners’ are not mutually exclusive, practitioners can include all kinds of stakeholders in the educational community, including teachers, principals, administrators, other organisational and community leaders, evaluators, policymakers and analysts. We hope facilitating this dialogue will allow those researching and practising educational leadership and related fields to learn from one another and mutually enrich their work toward transformative change in education systems, locally and globally. We believe building networks of diverse perspectives and sustaining deliberation on critical educational issues is crucial for identifying blind spots and areas of opportunity in all forms of professional practice. 

Practitioners contributing their insight, experiences, and feedback in relation to scholarship published in JPCC can do so in written, graphic/visual, audio, and/or video format(s). To foster faster and more accessible public conversations than traditional scholarly journal publications, submitted contributions will be internally reviewed by the JPCC editorial staff and published on a dedicated Voices From The Field landing page by Emerald Publishing, as well as promoted on Twitter. Authors will be invited to respond to practitioner contributions with the same selection of formats. The JPCC editorial team will also be inviting corresponding authors and practitioners to participate in real-time virtual forums to discuss the current relationships and future potential of their work. 

Text-based and graphic contributions should be 1,000 words or less and no more than 10 pages in length, including images, tables, graphs and other visual material. Audio and video files should be a maximum of 10 minutes in length. Please send any questions to [email protected].

Submit your idea

We welcome submissions for Voices From the Field on all articles in JPCC. In particular, we are highlighting the following articles for submissions:

Hollweck, T., & Doucet, A. (2020). Pracademics in the pandemic: pedagogies and professionalism. Journal of Professional Capital and Community.

Netolicky, D. M. (2020). School leadership during a pandemic: navigating tensions. Journal of Professional Capital and Community.

Deadline: ongoing