ICSEI / JPCC Innovation Award - 2024 - Call for Submissions

Journal of Professional Capital and Community

No longer accepting submissions!

ICSEI / JPCC Innovation Award

The International Congress for School Effectiveness and Improvement (ICSEI) and the Journal of Professional Capital and Community (JPCC) invite applications for the ICSEI / JPCC Innovation Award. This award recognizes an outstanding contribution to the ICSEI 2024 conference that makes an innovative contribution in educational research, policy, and/or practice within the field of professional capital and community.

JPCC is an international, professionally refereed, scholarly journal, reflecting the most important ideas and evidence of the nature and impact of interactions and relationships in the education profession, especially in the school sector. This journal brings together the most influential leading thinkers and emerging scholars on professional cultures, communities and collegiality and how they all contribute to or impede the development of the professional capital in schools and school systems that enhances students' learning, wellbeing, achievement and engagement.

The winner of the ICSEI/JPCC Innovation Award will be announced at the ICSEI 2024 conference. The award will consist of a certificate and formal recognition by JPCC. Specifically, the recipient will work directly with Emerald Publishing’s marketing and design teams (supported by the JPCC publishing team) to design a bespoke and engaging output summarizing their research. This could be an animation, cartoon, infographic, or impact report. The specific output will depend on the needs and scope of the research and the best medium to communicate this.

Eligibility Criteria: Applications for the ICSEI/JPCC Innovation Award must be based on an accepted proposal that is being presented at the ICSEI 2024 annual conference. Applications should include:

  • Original ICSEI 2024 Annual Conference Proposal and notification of acceptance
  • Product for presentation at ICSEI 2024 (e.g., paper, slideshow, video, etc.)
  • Rationale of no more than 250 words explaining why this makes an innovative contribution to the field of professional capital and community

Selection Criteria: A panel of reviewers from JPCC and ICSEI will evaluate applications based on the following criteria:

  • Makes an innovative contribution to the field of professional capital and community with significance for research, policy, and/or practice
  • Shows evidence of making a substantive real-world impact
  • Demonstrates relevance for a global audience

Applications should be sent to [email protected] with “ICSEI/JPCC Innovvation Award” in the subject line. The deadline for submissions is October 6th, 2023.