The JGM BitBlog - What Happens to Your Manuscript after Submission?

Journal of Global Mobility

Jan Selmer, Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Global Mobility

As the Editor-in-Chief, I will often have the first look at submitted manuscripts to check if they are considered suitable for sending out for peer review. Beside weeding out research and writing of a low quality, this initial check is also undertaken to make sure that the topic of your submitted manuscript is within the remit of JGM. If in doubt, I consult one of the Associate Editors (AEs) for a second opinion. An early editorial check is also undertaken by the Editorial Assistant to ensure that the author has observed the journal’s guidelines for preparing manuscripts. A plagiarism check may also be conducted. If your manuscript is unsuitable for JGM or has other serious weaknesses, I will desk reject it which terminates the editorial process at this point in time. If the problem with your manuscript is easily fixed, it may by unsubmitted for you to rectify mistakes and resubmit it. When your manuscript has passed all the initial hurdles, it is assigned to one of the expert AEs who will select and invite two appropriate reviewers for your paper. These reviewers will often be members of the JGM Editorial Review Board of dedicated specialists within our area performing highly developmental reviews.  They will do their best to return their reviews in a timely fashion. Based on the reviews and recommendations of the reviewers and the AE, as well as my own reading of your paper, I will make a publication decision regarding your manuscript. With the JGM policy of a one-month turnaround time for the first submission of a manuscript, that probably makes the journal the fastest within our area. 
Unless that first decision is ‘Reject’ or ‘Accept’ (the latter never happened at JGM, so far), your manuscript has entered the Revise & Review (R&R) process. Hence, this is not a bad outcome, on the contrary. A ‘Minor Revision’ or a ‘Major Revision’ invitation for your manuscript provides you with an opportunity to achieve what you initially intended; to publish your manuscript as a JGM article. However, how to successfully navigate this R&R process is the topic of another JGM BitBlog.
Consequently, the publication process of JGM is not much different than that of other academic research journals in our area, just faster and only handled by experts, as editors and reviewers. Our reviewers deliver highly developmental reviews in a timely fashion and the JGM editorial team facilitates your way to a favorable publication decision. You can count on being supported by a dedicated group of specialists making our motto for JGM a reality: managed by experts for experts. This makes the journal the leading outlet for academic research within the area of global mobility and global employees.
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