The JGM BitBlog - How to Successfully Navigate the Revise and Review (R&R) Process

Journal of Global Mobility

Jan Selmer, Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Global Mobility

Receiving an invitation from JGM to revise your submitted manuscript is not the end but the beginning. Now starts the journey towards what you intended, to publish your manuscript as an article in JGM. Even a request for a ‘Major Revision’ is a positive outcome since it means that your manuscript is still considered for publication. You hold the destiny of your manuscript in your own hands. Your job is to successfully navigate the R&R process of JGM. And this is how to do it.
In a constructive way, you must address each and every one of the suggestions/comments by the editor and reviewers. It is critical that you address all of them, since just ignoring some may create very negative reactions. You should include the suggestions/comments in a Revision Report where you explain in detail all changes to your manuscript. A good way to do that is to use a table format where you in a systematic way list all suggestions/comments and your subsequent response how you have addressed them. In the accompanying manuscript, the changes should be clearly marked with a different colored text. In case you disagree with a suggestion/comment, you need to present a compelling case why you were not able to accommodate that specific suggestion/comment. For JGM, unless a ‘Conditional Accept’ is issued, another round of reviews may be needed to ensure that problems have been resolved. For conditionally accepted manuscripts, the Associate Editor in charge of the submission will check whether the usually very minor required changes have been handled in a satisfactory manner. In other cases, the R&R process may be repeated more than once until a final publication decision has been reached. Most of the time, the R&R process brings substantial improvements to your manuscript and it will eventually be accepted for publication in JGM. However, despite the best efforts of reviewers and editors, in a few cases, successive revisions do not generate enough development of a manuscript to warrant publication. To save the time and effort of all parties involved, the R&R process is on such occasions terminated with a final decision to reject the manuscript.
Although our reviewers are all dedicated specialists within our area that deliver highly developmental reviews and the editorial team are all experts on global mobility, rejecting a manuscript where much time and efforts have been spent to elevate it to a publishable standard is always felt as a failure. But we must all remember that publishing is a learning experience, for everyone involved, and lessons learned can be used for the continuing improvement of JGM submissions and what the journal publishes.
The R&R process of JGM is not much different than that of other academic research journals in our area, just faster and only handled by experts, as editors and reviewers. Our reviewers deliver highly developmental reviews in a timely fashion and the JGM editorial team facilitates your way to a favorable publication decision. You can count on being supported by a dedicated group of specialists making our motto for JGM a reality: managed by experts for experts. This makes the journal the leading outlet for academic research within the area of global mobility and global employees.
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