Congratulations to the Recipients of the JGM Best Paper Award at the Standing Track of Global Mobility at the 2023 EURAM Conference in Dublin, Ireland, June 14-16.

Journal of Global Mobility


“Understanding Split Family Expatriations: An Exploratory Study with Multiple Stakeholder Views”
Rocio Alcazar, ESADE Business School / Ramon Llull University, Spain
Daniela Noethen, ESADE Business School / Ramon Llull University, Spain

First Runner-Up:

“Expatriate Cultural Distance and Cultural Intelligence in the Psychological Contract Breach-Violation
Relationship: A Moderated-Moderation Analysis“
Tassilo Schuster, University of Bamberg, Germany 
Benjamin Bader, Newcastle University, UK 
Katharina Bader, Northumbria University, UK
Denise Rousseau, Carnegie Mellon University, USA 

Second Runner-Up:

“Development profiles of well-being in expatriates: its antecedents and outcomes” 
Tania Biswas, University of Vaasa, Finland 
Liisa Mäkelä, University of Vaasa, Finland 
Samu Kemppinen, University of Vaasa, Finland 


The Editorial Team of JGM has acted as double-blind judges on the Award Panel.   These papers will be presented at the initial JGM Best Paper Award Session of the Global Mobility Track at the 2023 EURAM Conference, June 14-16, 2023.