This Virtual Issue on Customer Loyalty showcases twenty influential and highly cited articles previously published in International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management (IJCHM). The first ten articles are free to access from 4 August to 30 September 2020. The articles chosen for this second 2020 Virtual Special Issue will, we hope, inspire researchers working in this field, instructors teaching courses related to customer loyalty, as well as industry practitioners.

If you enjoy reading the articles within this virtual issue, we would greatly encourage you to share it with other scholars, colleagues, students and industry partners. This year, due to these unprecedented times, we are publishing 3 virtual issues in 2020, and then will move to quarterly virtual issues in 2021. We welcome your thoughts and recommendations, and also any suggestions of new articles published in IJCHM to add to this list on Customer Loyalty.

Professors Fevzi Okumus, Editor IJCHM and Nazan Colmekcioglu, Assistant Editor, IJCHM 

Photo gallery: some of our authors appearing in the virtual special issue

Raouf Ahmad Rather Viraiyan Teeroovengadum Patricia Martinez Robin Nunkoo
Clark Hu Jay Kandampully Lina Xiong Priyanko Guchait

From left to right, top to bottom

  • Raouf Ahmad Rather
  • Viraiyan Teeroovengadum
  • Patricia Martinez
  • Robin Nunkoo
  • Clark Hu
  • Jay Kandampully
  • Lina Xiong
  • Priyanko Guchait

Our 20 best articles on customer loyalty chosen by the editors

The first ten articles are free to access from 4 August to 1 September 2020

  1. From emotional labor to customer loyalty in hospitality: A three-level investigation with the JD-R model and COR theory Chung-Jen Wang.
  2. Examining stealing thunder as a new service recovery strategy: impact on customer loyalty Priyanko Guchait, Rachel Han, Xingyu Wang, Jéanna, Abbott, Yetong Liu. 
  3. Observer reactions to other customer incivility: Emotional labor, gratitude, loyalty to employee and tipping intention  Youngsun Sean Kim, Melissa A. Baker.
  4. Exploring and validating social identification and social exchange-based drivers of hospitality customer loyalty Raouf Ahmad Rather, Linda D. Hollebeek.
  5. Customers’ perceived website service quality and its effects on e-loyalty Myunghee Mindy Jeon, Miyoung Jeong.
  6. Integrating service quality as a second-order factor in a customer satisfaction and loyalty model Robin Nunkoo, Viraiyan Teeroovengadum, Peta Thomas, Llewellyn Leonard.
  7. Customer loyalty: a review and future directions with a special focus on the hospitality industry Jay Kandampully , Tingting (Christina) Zhang , Anil Bilgihan.
  8. Customer loyalty: exploring its antecedents from a green marketing perspective Patricia Martínez.
  9. Do perceived CSR initiatives enhance customer preference and loyalty in casinos? Matthew Tingchi Liu , Ipkin Anthony Wong , Chu Rongwei, Ting-Hsiang Tseng.
  10. Where is the love? Lina Xiong , Ceridwyn King , Clark Hu.
  11. How reputation creates loyalty in the restaurant sector Kuo‐Chien Chang.
  12. Service quality perceptions and customer loyalty in casinos Catherine Prentice.
  13. Guests' perceptions on factors influencing customer loyalty Usha Ramanathan, Ramakrishnan Ramanathan.
  14. The effect of perceived fairness toward hotel overbooking and compensation practices on customer loyalty Johye Hwang, Li Wen.
  15. A transactional approach to customer loyalty in the hotel industry Hanaa Osman, Nigel Hemmington, David Bowie.
  16. Do Chinese cultural values affect customer satisfaction/loyalty? Rui Jin Hoare, Ken Butcher.
  17. Do hoteliers need to manage image to retain loyal customers? Jay Kandampully, Hsin‐Hui Hu.
  18. Increasing customers' loyalty in a skiing resort: The contribution of place attachment and service quality K. Alexandris, C. Kouthouris, Andreas Meligdis.
  19. The relationship between customer loyalty and customer satisfaction John T. Bowen, Shiang‐Lih Chen.
  20. Customer loyalty in the hotel industry: the role of customer satisfaction and image Jay Kandampully, Dwi Suhartanto.

Our first virtual issue was on Customer Satisfaction and Customer Delight 

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