Industrial Robot
virtual issues

Over the years the Industrial Robot journal has published a hugely impressive collection of both technology reviews that cover the design and application of commercial robotic systems, and also rare commercial interviews of academic roboticists and inventors who have managed to turn their ideas into commercial reality – often with astonishing success.

These virtual special Iissues gather together all of these articles into an easily accessible resource. They are all available as part of existing subscriptions and specific articles can also be purchased by non-subscribers via DeepDyve.

Technology Reviews

Associate Editor, Rob Bogue

Detailed analysis of the current state of robot technology and applications.

These articles provide detailed reviews of robotic applications, markets, product developments, technologies and research. Market data and forecasts are frequently included to provide a commercial perspective. The emphasis is on new and emerging or high growth applications and markets and those fuelled by technological innovation. 

Commercial Interviews

Associate Editor, Joanne Pransky

Interviews with robot pioneers, charting their path from university research to commercial success.

Pransky asks the questions that would be asked by both an academic researcher looking to turn entrepreneur, as well as a commercial investor considering robotic technology.