Final analysis

The inclusivity report, with all its complex reflections on the human condition, provides considerable room for optimism. 

It is certainly encouraging to note that 9 in every 10 global academics believe that inclusivity is important to the workplace and society in general.

Final thoughts

The vast majority of survey participants understand what inclusivity means and, indeed, what it can bring to the arena of research. They also appreciate where we need to go in order to achieve it, but getting there is not straightforward – we need to build an inclusive society together and it’s going to take policy makers, businesses, the education sector, civil societies and many other organisations to make it a stark reality.

There has been all manner of research carried out on racial, gender and class discrimination, but translating the findings into positive change at ground level has remained problematic. The onus is on the fabric and culture of institutions to transform – only then can we recognise research into inclusivity as a success.

Ultimately, by opening up opportunities – by expanding the demographic of their personnel – global research institutions have a unique opportunity to make an even bigger difference; change even more lives. We are all starting to realise that different perspectives, different faces and different voices bring a whole new world of possibilities – but there’s a long way to go...

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What's in the report?

The report contains an introduction and 9 sections; use the grid below to navigate, or click to go to the next section.

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Through the barricades: establishing barriers to inclusivity

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Breaking good: taking down the walls of academia

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