Unleashing AI-powered innovation to transform strategic marketing decision making and planning

Submission deadline date: 31 March 2025


Marketing Intelligence and Planning is pleased to announce a special issue on Unleashing AI-powered Innovation to Transform Strategic Marketing Decision Making and Planning. The aim of this special issue is to explore the potential of AI-powered innovation in revolutionizing strategic marketing decision-making and planning processes and unravel the transformative potential of AI in reshaping strategic marketing endeavours. It seeks to investigate how advanced AI techniques, such as machine learning, natural language processing, predictive analytics, robotics, logical reasoning, mathematical optimization, reasoning, fuzzy logic and so on can be leveraged to enhance various aspects of marketing strategy formulation, execution, and optimization.

Readers of this special issue will gain invaluable perspectives on leveraging AI to not only meet current challenges but also to proactively shape the future of strategic marketing initiatives, marking a paradigm shift in the industry's approach to marketing decision-making and planning.

To meet the aims of this special issue, we invite all kinds of timely research papers such as the discussion of new research idea, preliminary findings, ongoing research and finished research.

List of topic areas

  • AI and;
    • marketing strategy
    • marketing environment (economic, political, social, legal and cultural environment)
    • predictive analytics in marketing
    • marketing automation
    • pioneering advantage
    • market research
    • CRM
    • product life cycle
    • product/brand
    • personalization/customization
    • design & innovation
    • brand identity
    • brand personality
    • new product strategies
    • natural language processing for marketing insights
    • service marketing
    • promotion
    • targeted advertising
    • marketing campaign optimization
    • media (e.g. traditional, digital, social media etc.)
    • price
    • price elasticity of demand
    • global pricing optimization
    • inventory management
    • supply chain optimization
    • optimization of channel selection
    • ethical consideration
    • global marketing
  • AI-driven customer segmentation and targeting
  • AI-driven content creation and curation
  • AI for pricing and revenue optimization
  • Measuring AI impact on marketing ROI
  • AI and B 2 B marketing
  • Future trends and directions in AI-powered marketing

Submissions Information

Submissions are made using ScholarOne Manuscripts. Registration and access are available here.

Author guidelines must be strictly followed.

Authors should select (from the drop-down menu) the special issue title at the appropriate step in the submission process, i.e. in response to "Please select the issue you are submitting to".

Submitted articles must not have been previously published, nor should they be under consideration for publication anywhere else, while under review for this journal.

Key deadlines

Opening date for manuscripts submissions: 1st July, 2024

Closing date for manuscripts submission: 31st March, 2025

Email for submissions: [email protected]