Corporate Governance in Islamic Banking & Finance

Guest editor(s)

Dr Tasawar Nawaz


Dr Nader Virk


Professor Dr Hilal Butt

Submissions open: 15th July 2022


The purpose of the conference is to serve as a forum to identify, exchange and advance ideas that are crucial for the growth and stability of Islamic finance sector.  The overarching scope of financial innovation, financial intermediation, and regulatory oversight & internal governance mechanisms – offering customized and innovative financial solutions subject to robust and consistent legal injunctions that are effectively supervised – is aimed. 



The application of religious covenants, product development and religious governance to insure these constraints differentiate Islamic finance and banking from its conventional counterparts, the unique presence of this mechanism has not contributed to the needs of innovation in the sector dealing with business cycle and technological shifts. This also has a knock-on effect on the ability of financial intermediaries to raise funds for the firms – net-demanders of capital – contributing to economic development in the Muslim world. This special issue will focus on this issue to provide first hand empirical evidence. 



The special issue would form the base upon which a new research society will be developed to inform researchers, academics, practitioners, policy makers as well as the regulators. 


Key Features:

  • Islamic finance and Securitisation of Assets 
  • Islamic Financial Institutions and innovation cycle 
  • Islamic Finance and Fintech 
  • Islamic Finance and Corporate Networks 
  • Islamic Finance and Dual Board Structure 
  • Islamic Finance and Agency Costs of Religious Governance 
  • Shariah Governance and Accreditation Frameworks 
  • The Labor Market of Shariah Scholars 
  • Islamic Finance and Financial Inclusion 
  • Islamic Finance and Social Welfare 
  • Islamic Finance and Economic Development 
  • The Resiliency of Islamic Banking and Finance 
  • Islamic Finance and Covid19 
  • Islamic finance and Third-sector Organisations 
  • Islamic finance and Investor Protection  
  • Islamic finance and Ethical Issues


Submissions deadline: 31st October 2022


Contact the Guest Editors:

Please send all proposal queries to Professor Dr Hilal Butt.


Dr Tasawar Nawaz, University of Plymouth

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Dr Nader Virk, Swansea School of Management, Swansea University

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Professor Dr Hilal Butt, Institute of Business Administration

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