Real impact manifesto

We are committed to supporting meaningful, real world impact


For over 50 years, research impact has sat at the heart of Emerald’s business. Emerald’s core ethos is making a difference through research, and we are proud of our heritage supporting the communication of research for policy and practice.

With a sector increasingly full of pressure and expectation, we recognise the challenges faced by colleagues in connecting research to impact. We also recognise that traditional markers of influence such as citations are not sufficient to tell the story of impact. Emerald feel strongly that we have a key role and responsibility in not only supporting the impact agenda, but also in challenging outdated approaches to measuring effects.

Emerald will now lead the publishing charge towards meaningful impact. We will continue to work with our global author network to publish research which makes a difference, and invest further in the research community to support real world change.

Emerald commits to:

  1. Support the community of practice to overcome barriers to impact, working in partnership with key agencies to strengthen connections between research and society.
  2. Challenge simplistic and outdated approaches to impact, shifting beyond metrics and celebrating impact of all shapes and sizes.
  3. Drive impact literacy in the research sector – including within Emerald itself – championing knowledge and skills development, and developing new tools and innovative approaches.

Join us in making a difference

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Vicky Williams
CEO, Emerald Publishing
On behalf of the Directors


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