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EFMD logo2009 Emerald/EFMD Outstanding Doctoral Research Award Winners

This year there were 12 subject categories, sponsored by a selection of Emerald journals. The Awards were open to those who had completed examination requirements for a doctoral award between 1 October 2006 and 1 October 2009.

As the quality of submissions was again exceptionally high in all categories, the judges have had a difficult task deciding whom should be awarded these prestigious accolades. In addition to the overall winner, a number of Highly Commended Awards and Special Commendations have been bestowed across all of the various categories. Details of all award winners, listed by category, can be found below.

A cash prize of €1,500 (or currency equivalent) is awarded to the Winner of each category, as well as a certificate and the prospect of an offer of publication in the sponsoring journal, either as a full paper or an executive summary, at the Editor’s discretion. All Highly Commended Award and Special Commendation winners will receive certificates.

Both Emerald and the EFMD are exceedingly proud to support and reward such high-quality research. We wish the winners, and indeed all the applicants, success in their future academic careers. Further updates, including presentation photos and publication details, will appear here as information becomes available.

Educational leadership and strategy

Category sponsored by Journal of Educational Administration

WinnerImage: Orly Shapira-Lishchinsky
Orly Shapira-Lishchinsky
"Organizational ethics as predictors of teachers' work withdrawal behaviors"
Bar-Ilan University, Israel

Photo right: Orly Shapira-Lishchinsky receives her certificate from Emerald's Eric Broug.

Highly Commended
Carly Ackley
"Leadership in green schools: school principals as agents of social responsibility"
The Pennsylvania State University, USA

Highly CommendedImage: Scott Eacott
Scott Eacott

"Strategy and the principal"
University of Newcastle, Australia

Photo right: Scott Eacott

Highly Commended
Hui Sun

"The built environment and children's academic performance"
The University of Hong Kong

Hospitality management

Category sponsored by International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management

WinnerImage: Jill Poulston
Jill Poulston

"Ethical issues and workplace problems in commercial hospitality: a New Zealand study"
Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand

Photo right: Jill Poulston

Ines Ghorbal-Blal

"An exploration of the role of the construct of control in expansion strategy of hotel chains: a multiple-case study"
Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne, Switzerland
Doctorate conferred by Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Pamplin College of Business), USA

Highly Commended
Baker Ayoun

"The influence of national culture on top executives’ approach to strategy development: an exploratory investigation in the international hotel industry"
Auburn University, USA
Doctorate conferred by Oklahoma State University, USA

Image: Andrew WallsHighly Commended
Andrew Walls

"An examination of consumer experience and relative effects on consumer values"
San Francisco State University, USA
Doctorate conferred by University or Central Florida, USA

Photo right: Andrew Walls receives his certificate from Emerald's Margie Konen.

Highly Commended
Jenny Cave

"Between world views: Nascent Pacific Enterprise Zealand"
University of Waikato, New Zealand
Image: Joanne Taylor

Special Commendation
Joanne Taylor

"Understanding and managing risk: using in-depth psychological narrative interviews to develop and evaluate a new HACCP-based system for catering businesses"
University of Salford, UK

Photo right: Joanne Taylor

Human resource management

Category sponsored by Personnel Review

Karin Bredin

"Human resource management in project-based organisations - challenges, changes, and capabilities"
Linköping University, Sweden

Highly Commended
Jawad Syed

"A relational perspective of cultural diversity management in Australian organisations"
University of Kent, UK
Doctorate conferred by Macquarie University, Australia

Highly Commended
Adam Smale

"Mechanisms of global HRM integration in multinational corporations"
University of Vaasa, Finland

Highly Commended
Nele De Cuyper

"Temporary employment: associations with employees' attitudes, well-being and behaviour. A test of different explanations"
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium

Highly Commended
Ann-Kristina Løkke Nielsen

"Determinants of absenteeism - in a public sector perspective"
Aarhus School of Business, Denmark
Image: Peter McLean

Highly Commended
Peter McLean

"At the coalface: identity implications of performance appraisal at an underground coal mine"
University of Wollongong, Australia

Photo right: Peter McLean

Highly Commended
Maria Tomprou

"The potential dynamics of newcomer psychological contract creation"
Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Doctorate conferred by Athens University of Economics and Business, Greece

Image: Olga ChapaHighly Commended
Olga Chapa

"A qualitative study of the Hispanic gender role and social-cultural factors influencing the attraction process: the recruitment of the Latina to meet 21st century labor shortage challenges in America"
University of Houston-Victoria, USA
Doctorate conferred by University of Texas Pan American, USA

Photo right: Olga Chapa (left) receives her certificate from Emerald's Bea Ramirez (right).

Information science

Category sponsored by Journal of Documentation

Image: Jennifer BerrymanWinner
Jennifer Berryman

"Judgements during information seeking: policy and research workers' assessments of enough information"
University of Technology Sydney, Australia

Photo right: Jennifer Berryman

Highly Commended
Tove Faber Frandsen

"Scholarly communication changing: the implications of open access"
Royal School of Library and Information Science, Denmark

Image: Isabel GalinaHighly Commended
Isabel Galina

"Electronic resources and institutional repositories in informal scholarly communication and publishing"
Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Mexico
Doctorate conferred by University College London, UK

Photo right: Isabel Galina receives her certificate from Emerald's Bill Russell.

Highly Commended
Deborah Turner

"Conceptualizing oral documents"
Drexel University, USA
Doctorate conferred by University of Washington, USA

Special Commendation
Ping Zhou

"Mapping knowledge production and scholarly communication in China"
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium
Doctorate conferred by University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Interdisciplinary accounting research

Category sponsored by Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal

Christina Boedker

"Local players and global strategies: the transformative effects of accounting in strategising"
University of New South Wales, Australia

Highly Commended
Mark Christensen

"NSW public sector accrual accounting: why did it happen and has it mattered?"
Southern Cross University, Australia
Doctorate conferred by University of Adelaide, Australia

Highly Commended
Gordon Boyce

"Critical, social and environmental accounting: prospects and possibilities for Gramscian intellectual praxis in a globalising world"
Macquarie University, Australia

Highly Commended
David Carter

"Crossing the wires: the interface between law and accounting and the discourse theory potential of telecommunications regulation"
Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

Knowledge management

Category sponsored by Journal of Knowledge Management

Dan Holtshouse

"Knowledge management and the future of the knowledge worker"
The George Washington University, USA

Highly Commended
Herman van den Berg

"Knowledge-based vertical integration: the nature of knowledge and economic firm boundary location"
University of Toronto, Canada

Highly Commended
John McCabe

"Talk, tales and testimony: an inquiry into the discursive circulation of knowledge within and around organizations"
University of York, UK

Special Commendation
Stephen Alan McLaughlin

"Identifying knowledge transfer barriers within a complex supply chain organization"
University of Glasgow, UK

Special Commendation
Taman Powell

"The evolution of organisational knowledge management approaches and their impact on knowledge related practice: a study of management consulting"
Cardiff Business School, UK
Doctorate conferred by Warwick Business School, UK

Leadership and organization development

Category sponsored by Leadership & Organization Development Journal

Chin-Chung Chao

"Cultural values and anticipations of female leadership styles in non-profit organizations: a study of rotary clubs in Taiwan and the United States"
University of Nebraska at Omaha, USA
Doctorate conferred by Bowling Green State University, USA

Image: Ji Hoon SongHighly Commended
Ji Hoon Song

"The integrative determinants of organizational performance improvement: the impacts of dimensions of learning organization and dynamic knowledge creation"
Oklahoma State University, USA
Doctorate conferred by The Pennsylvania State University, USA

Photo right: Ji Hoon Song receives his certificate from Emerald's Margie Konen.

Highly Commended
Morten Birkeland Nielsen

Image: Morten Birkeland Nielsen"Methodological issues in research on workplace bullying. operationalisations, measurements, and samples"
University of Bergen, Norway

Highly Commended
Christof Backhaus

"Relationship quality in franchise systems - a multilevel perspective"
Technical University of Dortmund, Germany
Doctorate conferred by University of Münster, Germany

Photo right: Christof Backhaus

Logistics and supply chain management

Category sponsored by International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management

Image: Matthias EhrgottWinner
Alex Michel

"Behavioral supply management – a review of human judgment and decision making theory and its integration into the field of supply management"
WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management, Germany

Photo right: 2008 Logistics and supply chain management category Winner Matthias Ehrgott accepts the certificates on behalf of Alex Michel and Dirk Breitschwerdt. Emerald's Jennifer Hughes visited the WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management to make the presentations.

Highly Commended
Joseph Skipper

"Managing supply chain disruptions"
Air Force Institute of Technology, USA
Doctorate conferred by Auburn University, USA

Special Commendation
Aseem Kinra

"Supply chain (logistics) environmental complexity"
Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

Management and governance
Image: Matthias Seifert

Category sponsored by Management Decision

Matthias Seifert

"Intuition and rationality in managerial decision behaviour"
IE Business School, Spain
Doctorate conferred by University of Cambridge, UK

Photo right: Matthias Seifert receives his certificate at IE Business School, Spain.

Highly Commended
Margarita Pérez Negrete

"Santa Fe: city, space and globalization"
Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico

Image: Patricia BachillerHighly Commended
Patricia Bachiller

"Assessment of the performance of privatized firms in Europe"
University of Zaragoza, Spain

Photo right: Patricia Bachiller accepts the certificate from Emerald's Jordi Caralt who visited the University of Zaragoza to make the presentation.

Highly Commended
Jeffrey Petty

"A study of venture capital decision making"
University of Lausanne, Switzerland

Highly Commended
Chris Mason

"Determining the presence and effectiveness of ethical governance in social enterprises in the United Kingdom"
Liverpool John Moores University, UK

Highly Commended
Dexter James

"A case study of health sector reform in Anguilla"
Bangor University, UK
Image: Zhenning Yang

Highly Commended
Zhenning Yang

"Research on academic construction and safeguarding mechanism of organizational health"
University of International Business and Economics, China
Doctorate conferred by Tsinghua University, China

Photo right: Zhenning Yang receives his certificate at the University of International Business and Economics, China.

Image: Philip SugarmanHighly Commended
Philip Sugarman

"A model of integrated mental health governance"
University of Northampton, UK

Photo right: Philip Sugarman

Highly Commended
Zhenjiao Chen

"Exploring the underlying mediating processes between intragroup conflict and team outcomes: a social information processing perspective"
USTC-CITYU Joint Advanced Research Center, China

Highly Commended
Markus Menz

"The entrepreneurial corporate center: how multibusiness firms benefit from management innovation"
University of St. Gallen, Switzerland

Image: Dev DuttaHighly Commended
Devkamal Dutta

"Multimarket competitive context, differentiation, and performance: the US automotive industry over time"
University of New Hampshire, USA
Doctorate conferred by the University of Western Ontario, Canada

Photo right: Devkamal Dutta receives his certificate from Emerald's Annie Scharff.

Image: Kirti ShardaHighly Commended
Kirti Sharda

"Configurations of BPO firms: relating work design, strategic orientation, client relationship and context to organizational performance"
Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, India
Doctorate conferred by Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, India

Photo right: Kirti Sharda

Highly Commended
Johanne Grosvold

"Where are all the women? Institutional context and the prevalence of women on the corporate board of directors"
University of Bath, UK

Marketing research

Category sponsored by European Journal of Marketing

Annie Pei-I Yu

"The impact of financial service type on consumer relationship engagement motives: an empirical investigation of retail banking consumers"
The University of Edinburgh, UK

Highly Commended
Richard Joseph

"Investigating the role of customers and other external influencers in radical new product development – a network approach"
University of Auckland, New Zealand

Image: Markus Blut and Christof BackhausHighly Commended
Markus Blut

"Customer lock-in and repurchase behavior: a fresh perspective on the effectiveness of switching costs"
Technical University of Dortmund, Germany
Doctorate conferred by University of Münster, Germany

Photo right: Emerald's Jennifer Hughes presents Christof Backhaus (left) and Markus Blut (right) with their certificates.

Highly Commended
Christian Brock

"Complaint behaviour and customer retention – performance impact and management of customer complaints"
University of Münster, Germany

Operations and production management

Category sponsored by International Journal of Operations & Production Management

Dirk Breitschwerdt

"International production mandates of subsidiaries – conceptual framework and empirical evidence from German MNEs"
WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management, Germany

Highly Commended
Guang-Jie Ren

"Service business development in manufacturing companies: classification, characteristics and implications"
IBM Almaden Research Center, USA
Doctorate conferred by University of Cambridge, UK

Highly Commended
Sinéad Carey

"Social capital in industrial buyer-supplier relationships: an examination of contingent factors and consequences"
University of Bath, UK

Property investment and finance

Category sponsored by Journal of Property Investment and Finance

Vivek Sah

"Asset acquisition criteria: a process tracing investigation into real estate investment decision making"
University of San Diego, USA
Doctorate conferred by Georgia State University, USA

Image: Shaleen SinghalHighly Commended
Shaleen Singhal

"City competitiveness, regeneration and property-led business strategies"
University of Ulster, UK

Photo right: Shaleen Singhal