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Library instruction and information literacy 2019

Aims to present recently published resources on library instruction and information literacy, providing an introductory overview and a selected annotated bibliography of publications covering various library types, study populations and research contexts.

The use of digital technologies in social marketing: a systematic review

Aims to provide a rich examination of the variety of digital technologies used within social marketing and establish the scale of integration between digital technologies and social marketing.

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Dark, darker, social media: dark side experiences, identity protection, and preventive strategies of micro entrepreneurs on social media

The purpose of this open access article is to advice entrepreneurial practitioners to balance the sides of pros and cons as being an inherent reality to acknowledge the full scenario of business life and the interplay of diverse influences.

Explaining the effect of artificial intelligence on the technology acceptance model in media: a cloud computing approach

Explains the effect of the technology acceptance model in the media environment by using the mediating role of artificial intelligence and the cloud computing approach.

Female leadership in communication management in Spain: making a difference in a sexist culture

Examining female communication and leadership styles, this open access article aims to explore the position of women in the communication management sector in Spain from their own experiences.

Entrepreneurs as influencers: the impact of parasocial interactions on communication outcomes

Using the example of Elon Musk, this article explores the connection between the personal communication activities of influential entrepreneurs on social media, the emergence of parasocial interactions (PSIs) and the related communication outcomes for the company.

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Key journals within this topic

We have a broad range of journals containing content relevant to the topic of culture, media and communications. Here are some of our key journals in this area. 

Corporate Communications: An International Journal

Corporate Communications: An International Journal

Addresses the issues arising from the increased awareness that an organisation's communications are part of the whole organisation, and that the relationship an organisation has with its external public requires careful management.

Journal of Communication Management

Journal of Communication Management

The definitive international journal for research-oriented communication managers and professionals as well as for researchers who aim to develop or challenge practice.

Consumer Behavior in Tourism and Hospitality

Consumer Behavior in Tourism and Hospitality

An international, double-blind peer reviewed journal, that fosters multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research in consumer behavior in tourism and hospitality.

European Journal of Marketing

European Journal of Marketing

Offers unparalleled insights on new research, current practice and future trends so that practitioners and academics can gain a useful overview of marketing activity and apply that knowledge to develop appropriate strategies.

Online Information Review

Online Information Review

Online Information Review is devoted to research in the broad field of digital information and communication, and related technologies.

A sample of the books in this topic

Below is a selection of recent books from our broad range of content in the area of culture, media and communications.  

Science & Theatre

Science & Theatre

Weitkamp and Almeida enter into the space where museums, universities and research centres operate, as well as the space of theatre practitioners, they explore the richness and plurality of this universe, combining theory and practice, as well as presenting context, knowledge gaps and new data.

The Techlash

The Techlash and Tech Crisis Communication

Provides an in-depth analysis of the evolution of tech journalism. The emerging tech-backlash is a story of pendulum swings: we are currently in tech-dystopianism after a long period spent in tech-utopianism.

Communicating Covid-19

Communicating COVID-19

Analyses the changes of everyday communication in the COVID-19 crisis. Exploring how misinformation has spread online throughout the pandemic, the impact of changes on society and the way we communicate, and the effect this has had on the spread of misinformation.

Crisis Communication in China

Crisis Communication in China

Examines crisis communication strategies taken by the Chinese government during public crises and discusses how the public react to these strategies, exploring the cultural context and the development of digital media as critical factors underlying the strategies adopted.

Media, Development and Democracy

Media, Development and Democracy

Sponsored by the Communication, Information Technologies, and Media Sociology section of the American Sociological Association (CITAMS), this 22nd volume in Studies in Media and Communications explores the complex construction of democratic public dialogue in developing countries.

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