Diversity & inclusion in organisations podcast

A discussion with author Dr Jennifer Kuklenski on her book Diversity and Organizational Development: Impacts and Opportunities, an pertinent topic for any organisation

Speaker profile(s)

Jennifer Kuklenski is a professor in the Department of Social Responsibility and Program Coordinator for Business Administration at Northland College. She holds the William B. Mark Professorship of Social Science.

Dr. Kuklenski is an active, publishing member of the Academy of Economics and Finance and a Senior Fellow with Humanity in Action, an international educational organisation that promotes human rights, diversity, and social justice globally. She is the owner of 3P Insights, LLC, a training and consulting firm helping organisations improve their triple bottom line performance.

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In this episode:

  • Why is diversity and inclusion so important to organisations?
  • What effect does it have on the triple bottom line?
  • How do we define diversity?
  • What happens in organisations that aren’t inclusive?

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