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Together for sustainable supply

16th January 2020

The challenge of creating sustainable supply chains cannot be undertaken alone. There are truly brilliant organisations around the world dedicated to supporting this mission, and we’ve listed a few of them below to help connect people together to bring the latest research to practice, along with a few recent blogs, videos and podcasts below that caught our eye.

Jo Jones

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“There is a global movement towards greater supply chain sustainability, but there are many challenges to overcome. Your research plays a key role in the development of supply chain management initiatives that will help industries meet their ambitious sustainability targets.”

Jo Jones

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What are some of the common challenges being faced by researchers and practitioners around the world?

We spoke to Professor Jan Godsell (University of Warwick) to discuss the ever-changing challenges faced by researchers, especially during these uncertain times.

Listen to the interview to find out her take on post-pandemic supply chains, as well as how research is changing and becoming more collaborative.

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IJOPM: The Hidden Side of Sustainability: The hidden side of sustainable operations and supply chain management: Unanticipated outcomes, trade-offs and tensions. Guest edited by Stefan Gold, Jeremy Hall, Stelvia Matos and Martin C. Schleper. 

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IJOPM 'Emerging Technologies in Emergency Situations'

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IJPDLM 'Supply Chain and Technology Innovation during COVID-19 Outbreak’

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Spotlight: what challenges did McDonald’s face in setting up sustainable supply chains?

Bob Langert, former McDonald’s executive, led McDonald’s Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability efforts for more than twenty-five years before retiring in 2015. In his book The Battle to Do Good: Inside McDonald’s Sustainability Journey, he gives a first-hand account of how the company embarked on a decades-long battle to address challenges, including establishing sustainable supply chains.

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What effects has the global pandemic had on the fashion industry’s supply chains? 

Dr Amy Benstead (University of Manchester) joined us to give us an insight into how fashion industry production and consumption may change in the future.

You can find the resources Amy refers to in her interview here:

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The Sustainable Food Systems gateway welcomes original research articles, case studies, research notes, data notes, methods, software tools, study protocols and correspondence that address the following areas of sustainable food systems:

  • Food systems and resilience
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Governance in the food system
  • Sustainable production
  • Health and well-being

Books in the field of sustainable supply chains

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Best Practices in Green Supply Chain Management: A Developing Country Perspective

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The Battle to Do Good Book Cover visual mockup

The Battle to Do Good: Inside McDonald’s Sustainability Journey

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Unmaking Waste in Production Book Cover visual mockup

Unmaking Waste in Production and Consumption: Towards The Circular Economy

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