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The future of work

12th February 2021

The future of work is a key contemporary area of debate both in business and management research, but also in wider social, political and economic discourse.

Global issues including the ageing workforce, gig economy, workplace automation, changing forms of business ownership, and of course, the COVID-19 pandemic are all regularly the subject of debate in both academic research and the mainstream media, with wider professional and public policy implications. Take a look at how we are contributing to this debate and how you can join the conversation.

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We've brought together a multi-disciplinary group of experts to discuss what we can expect from the future of work. Take a listen now.

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The future of work landscape: one version – Karen Jaw-Madson

Future of work tends to come out in snippets – a piece here, another there. It’s hard to find a comprehensive picture. A recent literature review that covered over 250 studies made it easier to visualise and, in doing so, inform new interpretations.

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Your career; your future – Julia Ivy

Envisioning the future is important for our lives and well-being. Most meaningfully, our thinking about the future stimulates our actions today. And yet, this is not straightforward, given how much disruption has occurred not least due to the current global pandemic with its far-reaching economic outcomes.

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