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Balance for better - Gender equality

Join us in raising the voice of women in academia

24th January 2020

Research undertaken by the Workplace Equity Project, amongst others, shows that only 11% of women in academia reach senior positions, one of the lowest proportions of any of other profession we compared it to. So why do so many talented, enthusiastic, passionate women leave? We decided to meet some of the talented women in academia and hear, first hand, their experiences, and thoughts on how we might champion a change and get a better balance. Listen to their stories and be inspired to raise your voice too. Because we, like many others, think it’s time for change, let’s better the balance. #balanceforbetter

Hear about the issues women face in academia, first hand

We were given the exciting opportunity to speak with a group of women who have first-hand experience of what life is really like in the world of academia; Professor Katy Shaw, is Professor of Contemporary Writings at Northumbria University; Dr Alison McAnena is Research Impact Officer for Social Sciences at the University of Reading; and Dr Helen Beddow is Gender and Diversity Publisher, at Emerald Publishing – each giving us a unique insight into the various challenges they faced during their academic careers.

From a lack of support from senior staff, to a lack of flexibility when it came to a work/life balance, the issues facing women in academia are clear, however they were each hopeful that people would begin to see it is time for change.

Gender equality in academia, here are the facts infographic

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