Emerald Publishing statement on Ukraine

3rd March 2022

Emerald Publishing condemns the atrocities conducted by the Russian military in its unlawful invasion of Ukraine.

Emerald stands in solidarity with the Ukrainian people, and will seek to provide support to them, as well as maintaining the Ukrainian research community’s access to Emerald’s full database of content.

Emerald will comply with UK, US and EU sanctions as they emerge. We remain committed to upholding global academic freedom and ensuring that researchers have a place to publish peer-reviewed research that is based on merit.

Given the rapidly evolving nature of the crisis in Ukraine, we will maintain a close watching brief and we will work together with industry partners as the situation continues to develop.

Emerald supports those Russian academic researchers and communities who have spoken out against the regime’s actions at potentially great personal cost.

All of us at Emerald will do all we can to support people, communities, and each other as we hope for movement towards cooperation, freedom, and peace for all.

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