WHATT Theme issue questions and editors 2023 (volume 15)

Worldwide Hospitality and Tourism Themes

WHATT V15 n1:

How could rural tourism provide better support for wellbeing and socio-economic development?

Theme Editors: Ardhendu Shekhar Singh, Sanjai K Parahoo, Madhavi Ayyagari, and Thanika D Juwaheer


Ardhendu Shekhar Singh, Associate Professor, Symbiosis School of Banking and Finance, Deemed University, Pune, India.  

Sanjai K Parahoo, Associate Professor and Program Chair for Management and Financial Studies at Hamdan bin Mohammed Smart University in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Madhavi Ayyagari, Executive Director of Mindsbourg Management Consultancy (UAE & India).

Thanika D Juwaheer, Associate Professor, Department of Management, Faculty of Law and Management of the University of Mauritius.


WHATT v15 n2:

What are the growth drivers and challenges for tourism in the Middle East?

Theme Editors: Mohit Vij and Sanjay Nadkarni


Mohit Vij, Associate Professor, Skyline University College, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

Sanjay Nadkarni, Director of Innovation & Research, The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


WHATT V15 n3:

How is hospitality education embedding sustainable practices in their curriculum and programme delivery? An Asian perspective

Theme editors: Sanjay Sharma and Sandeep Munjal


Sanjay Sharma, Head, School of Culinary Excellence, Vedatya Institute, Gurugram, Delhi, India.

Sandeep Munjal, Director, Vedatya Institute, Gurugram, Delhi, India.


WHATT v15 n4:

Re-thinking tourism: Where is it going and how will it impact people and the planet?

Theme Editors: Jorge Costa, Mónica Montenegro, João Gomes, Portugal


Jorge Costa, President, IPDT – Institute of Tourism, Portugal.

Mónica Montenegro, Marketing Director, IPDT – Institute of Tourism.

João Gomes, Research Director, IPDT – Institute of Tourism, Portugal. 


WHATT V15 n5:

What is the impact of luxury yachting on the well-being of consumers and relevant stakeholders?

Theme Editors: Hugues Séraphin, Tatiana Gladkikh and Victoria Gladkikh


Hugues Séraphin, Senior Lecturer in Tourism & Event Management Studies, University of Winchester, UK.

Tatiana Gladkikh, Lecturer in Management, University of Aberdeen, Scotland.

Victoria Gladkikh, Second Officer, Private Luxury Yacht.


WHATT V15 n6:

Smart tourism: what developments and issues are important to the Baltic States?

Theme Editors: Zanete Garanti, Galina Berjozkina and Anda Zvaigzne


Zanete Garanti, Associate Professor, City Unity College, Cyprus.

Galina Berjozkina, Senior Lecturer, City Unity College Cyprus.

Anda Zvaigzne, Associate Professor, Rezekne Academy of Technologies, Latvia.