Editorial Opportunities: Call for Applications

Reference Services Review

The editors of Reference Services Review (RSR) are especially pleased to announce the publication of Volume 50 Issue 1, a special issue exploring the question: “How can anti-racist action in libraries begin to dismantle existing power structures and lead to equitable access to participation and opportunities in libraries for marginalized groups?” Articles focus on organizational practices and actions that may serve as models for dismantling racism. The issue features not only a broad range of anti-racism initiatives but also features marginalized non-white voices to hold up the promise of a suitably diverse and vibrant profession. Curation of this most recent special issue provided an opportunity for the editors to reflect on the evolving role of journal editors and editorial teams. Curation also provided an opportunity for the editors to reflect on library and information science (LIS) journals - the factors that differentiate and distinguish high impact LIS journals, their rankings, and the positionality of RSR in this sector.  

Our reflections resulted in awareness that in order to remain relevant, important, core, and respected,  we needed to reassess the role and structure of our editorial team. Proposed changes and corresponding opportunities for readers, practitioners, and LIS professionals are noted below.


Editorial Team Opportunities 

RSR seeks applicants for the following positions: 

  1. Journal Positionality and Development Editor 
  2. Special Issues Editor 
  3. Peer Review Coordinator 
  4. Marketing and Outreach Coordinator 

Terms for all positions are two years, renewable with invitation from the Editor and Associate Editor. A description, including primary responsibilities and expected time commitment, is available at: https://tinyurl.com/rsr-ed-team-roles 

These positions are structured as academic service opportunities. At the present time, the journal’s publisher, Emerald, does not provide compensation for this work. We acknowledge that asking for work without compensation is in conflict with the journal’s commitment to anti-racist practices and contributes to practices of invisible labor that are often the burden of women and people of color. We look forward to continuing our work with Emerald on this set of important issues. 

We will accept and fully consider all applications, however, we acknowledge that these positions may be most appealing to library and information science professionals who are required to contribute service to the profession through their full-time employment roles.



Deadline: April 15, 2022

Apply at: https://forms.gle/Bm5fXNkoAt73GC7p7 


The application requires: 

  1. A CV highlighting the qualifications of the particular role to which you are applying. 
  2. A cover letter, no more than two pages, that responds to the following prompts:

      a) Required: 

  • What inspired you to respond to this call for applications? Describe the alignment of your current professional role, research, and/or service agenda with the position to which you are applying.

      b) Choose one: 

  • Describe how your experience demonstrates a commitment to anti-racist practices and how you plan to continue that commitment as a library and information science scholar, researcher, practitioner, and/or potential Editorial Team member. 
  • Describe your previous editorial and peer review experience, specifically your philosophy or approach in supporting authors, maintaining rigor in research and scholarship, and/or advancing knowledge in library and information science. 


Applicants will receive notification regarding their status by May 1, 2022. Direct questions to [email protected]