Virtual special issue: Personality disorder

Mental Health Review Journal

As a reflection on the 23rd Annual Conference of The British and Irish Group for the Study of Personality Disorder (BIGSPD), this virtual special issue of Mental Health Review Journal brings together some content that was published at this event, and some other articles on the topic of personality disorder. This year the conference will take place from the 18th to the 20th June in Belfast. For more information, please see the BIGSPD website and conference page.


Editorial: The British and Irish Group for the Study of Personality Disorder: Reflections on the 23rd Annual Conference 
Oliver Dale, Julia Blazdell

Seclusion in the context of recovery-oriented practice: the perspectives and experiences of psychologists in Ireland | Emerald Insight
Antaine Stíobhairt, Nicole Cassidy, Niamh Clarke, Suzanne Guerin

Personality disorder: no longer a diagnosis? | Emerald Insight 
Peta Temple

Exploring ethnicity and personality disorder in a UK context: a scoping review of the literature | Emerald Insight 
Gary Lamph, Peggy Mulongo, Paul Boland, Tamar Jeynes, Colin King, Rachel-Rose Burrell, Catherine Harris, Sarah Shorrock

The effectiveness of psychological interventions for borderline personality disorder for those who misuse substances: a systematic review and narrative synthesis | Emerald Insight 
Hannah Sophia Holland, Anna Tickle

A qualitative evaluation of staff experience in the delivery of a co-produced consultation service for personality disorder | Emerald Insight 
Holly Smith, Chloe Finamore, Julia Blazdell, Oliver Dale

A qualitative study of the label of personality disorder from the perspectives of people with lived experience and occupational experience | Emerald Insight 
Gary Lamph, Jake Dorothy, Tamar Jeynes, Alison Coak, Raeesa Jassat, Alison Elliott, Mick McKeown, Tim Thornton

Impact on staff attitudes of brief personality disorder training for acute psychiatric wards | Emerald Insight 
Claire McDonald, Fiona Seaman-Thornton, Che Ling Michelle Mok, Hanne Jakobsen, Simon Riches

Concerns over the prescription of clozapine for people diagnosed with “borderline personality disorder” in private locked psychiatric units | Emerald Insight
Keir Harding, Dan Warrender, Hollie Berrigan