Virtual special issue on gerontology in support of BSG Annual Conference 2024

Leadership in Health Services

The following content from across a number of Emerald Publishing journals on gerontology and related topics has been selected around the themes of the British Society of Gerontology Annual Conference 2024.

This is in free access for the duration of the event and until 10 July 2024.

Healthy at Home: an integrated health and social care initiative for vulnerable and marginalized older adults in Toronto | Emerald Insight
Siu Mee Cheng, Cristina Catallo

Health care model for people living in nursing homes based on integrated care | Emerald Insight (OA)
Mariona Espaulella-Ferrer, Felix Jorge Morel-Corona, Mireia Zarco-Martinez, Alba Marty-Perez, Raquel Sola-Palacios, Maria Eugenia Campollo-Duquela, Maricelis Cruz-Grullon, Emma Puigoriol-Juvanteny, Marta Otero-Viñas, Joan Espaulella-Panicot 

From hospital-centered care to home-centered care of older people: propositions for research and development | Emerald Insight (OA)
Bonnie Poksinska, Malin Wiger

Managing an ageing healthcare workforce: a systematic literature review | Emerald Insight
Mari Kurashvili, Karin Reinhold, Marina Järvis

Building an initial understanding of UK Recovery College dementia courses: a national survey of Recovery College and memory services staff | Emerald Insight
Emma Wolverson, Leanne Hague, Juniper West, Bonnie Teague, Christopher Fox, Linda Birt, Ruth Mills, Tom Rhodes, Kathryn Sams, Esme Moniz-Cook

Multi-level Meals on Wheels insights: a qualitative study | Emerald Insight (OA)
Christine FitzGerald 

Human stories about self-neglect: told, untold, untellable and unheard narratives in safeguarding adult reviews | Emerald Insight
Michael Preston-Shoot

Adult safeguarding in Ireland: a critical review of context and gaps | Emerald Insight (OA)
Amanda Phelan

Participatory action research on webs of caring in the digital age across four European countries | Emerald Insight
Miranda Leontowitsch, Aivita Putnina, Marcus Andersson, Charlotta Niemistö, Rafaela Werny, Hanna Sjögren, Ilze Mileiko, Kārlis Lakševics, Artūrs Pokšāns, Māra Neikena, Līna Orste, Camilla Malm, Frank Oswald, Jeff Hearn, Clary Krekula

Involving older adults and unpaid carers in the research cycle: reflections on implementing the UK national standards for public involvement into practice | Emerald Insight (OA)
Catrin Hedd Jones, Diane Seddon, Katherine Algar-Skaife, Carol Maddock, Stephanie Green

Dementia and the aging population: cognitive screening within correctional health | Emerald Insight
Lance Washington

More I than we – the effect of organisational identification in the Australian aged care workforce | Emerald Insight
Richard Olley 

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