Inaugural winner of the 2018 JPEO Best Paper Prize

Journal of Participation and Employee Ownership

Mary BeysterSangjoon LeeSangjoon Lee's (pictured left, with Mary Beyster right) paper "Shared capitalism, social capital, and intra-organizational dynamics,"  has been selected as the inaugural winner of the 2018 JPEO Best Paper Prize. Sponsored by the Beyster Foundation for Enterprise Development, the purpose of the award program is to identify innovative research in the broad area of employee participation and shared capitalism by emerging scholars in the field. 

Takao Kato, Editor of JPEO, comments on the winner, ‘One of the most frequently asked questions about employee participation in ownership and control is whether or not such employee participation results in productivity gains and improved enterprise performance. By now we have a rich body of evidence on this question. However, we still do not know much about actual mechanisms behind the effect of participation on productivity and firm performance. Sangjoon's paper represents an important step to open this black box and should lead to a series of studies to help us understand more deeply why employee participation can be a winning strategy not only for workers but also for firms.’

Beyster Foundation logo.Mary Beyster of the Beyster Foundation for Enterprise Development says , 'It is exciting to see that the JPEO editorial team has selected Sangjoon Lee’s paper focused on comparing country-level variations in worker’s participation and financial participation via equity and profit sharing.  As a PhD candidate in economic sociology at Stanford, he is pursuing very timely questions whose results will likely contribute to national policy discussions.' :

  • Sangjoon will receive a plaque, $1500 award from the Beyster Foundation for Enterprise Development, and recognition at the Beyster Symposium, in June in La Jolla, California this year.  The official announcement will be also included in the first issue of JPEO in 2019.
  • Sangjoon Lee is an early career researcher at Stanford University in the Department of Sociology
  • Emerald have made Saingjoon's paper free access from 23 March until 19 April 2019