Call for new Associate Editors: Journal of Managerial Psychology

Journal of Managerial Psychology

The Journal of Managerial Psychology (JMP) has a unique focus on the psychological and social understanding and impact of management in organizations. The journal concerns itself with application of theory and practice of managerial psychology, which as a field focuses on the behaviours, theories, practice, methods, and tools used to solve workplace problems and increase the efficacy of people at work. Managerial psychology is a field that applies psychological principles and theory to executive and managerial roles, to support, improve, and advance the effectiveness of those in the roles towards achieving a healthy, meaningful, and productive organization. Our goal is to make an impact on the field of managerial psychology by publishing good science that can inform practice and good practice that can inform science.

Journal of Managerial Psychology is currently looking for new Associate Editors to join the editorial team. This role includes the following responsibilities:

  • Managing manuscript peer review through an online submission system within a reasonable timeframe
  • Making recommendations on manuscripts to the Editor, ensuring the quality of accepted papers
  • Promoting the journal at conferences and through your own networks, and by encouraging and inviting relevant manuscript submissions
  • Making suggestions on themed special issues of the journal on relevant topics
  • Contributing in any other ways to the journal’s further development
  • Any other tasks assigned by the Editor.

Reflecting the journal’s aim and scope, we would welcome applications involving any areas of methodological, theoretical and empirical expertise across the relevant fields of psychology and management, though we would particularly welcome applications based on the following areas of expertise:

  • Individual differences
  • Human Resource Management (HRM)
  • Diversity and Inclusion

The journal welcomes applicants from around the world, though we would particularly welcome applicants based in the following locations:

  • Asia
  • South America
  • Africa

Interested candidates are invited to send a letter of up to 1,000 words summarising their qualifications relative to the responsibilities and areas of expertise stated above, together with an up-to-date CV, to the Editor, Professor Carrie Bulger ([email protected]) by 15th April 2023.