Virtual Special Issue: Tackling the informal economy

International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy

Most workers worldwide have their main employment in the informal economy, according to the International Labour Organisation. Therefore, this is not some practice existing in the peripheries of the global economy. Neither can it be treated as a single uniform entity. Indeed, lumping it into some homogeneous whole results in poor understanding and inappropriate policy proposals. 

This virtual special issue selects highly relevant articles published in the International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy to understand this sphere in which the majority of the world’s workers are employed. These articles not only unpack the heterogeneity of the informal economy by evaluating different types of work in the informal economy and the experiences of different populations but also the multiplicity of policy approaches and initiatives required to tackle this realm. In doing so, it facilitates a quick overview of the contemporary research being undertaken on the informal economy and how to tackle it.       

The papers listed below will be free to access from 22nd of May to 22nd June 2023

Professor Colin C. Williams 

Editor-in-Chief, International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy 


Table of Contents:

COVID-19 induced impact on informal migrants in Bangladesh: a qualitative study 

Md. Salman Sohel, Babul Hossain, Md. Kausar Alam, Guoqing Shi, Rubaiyat Shabbir, Md. Khaled Sifullah and Most. Monowara Begum Mamy 


Tax compliance and non-deterrence approach: a systematic review 

Muh Dularif and Ni Wayan Rustiarini  


We must deter, but not without trust: a case of formalising informal micro-entrepreneurs in Pakistan 

Muhammad Shehryar Shahid, Lalarukh Ejaz and Kiran Ali 


Home-based work or non-home-based work? Factors influencing work choices of women in the informal sector 

Reetika Dadheech and Dhiraj Sharma  


Tax compliance of small and medium sized enterprises in Ghana 

Edward Nartey 


Undeclared activities on digital labour platforms: an exploratory study 

Mara Mațcu, Adriana Zaiț, Rodica Ianole-Călin and Ioana Alexandra Horodnic 


Grey workers in the European Union: precariousness among economically dependent solo self-employed 

Filip Majetic, Miroslav Rajter and Chiara Bassetti