Free Access Special Issue – Public Leadership in Times of Crisis

International Journal of Public Leadership

Special Issue: Public Leadership in Times of Crisis – Viewpoints on Political and Administrative Leadership in Response to COVID-19

Guest Editors: Tim A. Mau, Richard F. Callahan, Frank Ohemeng

The articles in this Special Issue of the journal, address the most pressing of current public leadership challenges in responding the COVID-19. The research draws on the experience of public leaders, both political and administrative, in seven different nations—in Europe, Asia, South America, the Caribbean and North America—and a diverse range of findings emerge on the successes and failures of both the political and the administrative dimensions of public leadership responses in these countries. Individually and collectively, the research provides valuable insights into the dynamics of political and administrative public leadership, critical for understanding COVID-19 responses, and outlining dimensions for continued research to deepen the understanding of the complexities of public leadership and the implications of the findings for informing current and future leaders.

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Table of Contents

Guest editorial
Tim A. Mau, Richard F. Callahan, Frank Ohemeng

Government transition in the time of the COVID-19 crisis: Slovak case
Juraj Nemec

Leadership in Brazilian public universities: initiatives conducted by three state universities of São Paulo in the context of COVID-19 pandemic
Rosley Anholon, Milena Pavan Serafim, Wagner Luiz Lourenzani, Iris Bento Silva, Izabela Simon Rampasso

The role of power-addiction and maladaptive denial in the US federal COVID-19 response
C. Ken Weidner II, Lisa A.T. Nelson

Failure to lead on COVID-19: what went wrong with the United States?
Spyros Schismenos, Antoine A. Smith, Garry J. Stevens, Dimitrios Emmanouloudis

The need for innovation in deathcare leadership
Rebecca M. Entress, Jenna Tyler, Staci M. Zavattaro, Abdul-Akeem Sadiq

Crisis leadership during COVID-19: the role of governors in the United States
Abdul-Akeem Sadiq, Naim Kapucu, Qian Hu

Public health leadership in the times of COVID-19: a comparative case study of three countries
Jeffrey Glenn, Claire Chaumont, Pablo Villalobos Dintrans

Leading in the shadows: understanding administrative leadership in the context of COVID-19 pandemic management in Bangladesh
M Aslam Alam

Public leadership and strategies of Czech municipalities during the COVID-19 pandemic – municipal activism vs municipal passivism
Michal Plaček, David Špaček, František Ochrana

Responsible leadership and COVID-19: small Island making big waves in cruise tourism
Paul Pounder