Call for Senior Associate Editors (SAEs) for the International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management (IJDPLM)

International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management

The International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management (IJPDLM) is planning to recruit new senior associate editors (SAEs). The term of office is three years in the first instance with an option for a further three. Candidates who are currently not senior associate editors for the IJPDLM may apply. 


International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management (IJDLM) was established in 1970. IJPDLM is one of the first logistics and supply chain management journals. IJPDLM is one of the leading logistics and supply chain management journals in the world. In 2022, it has an impact factor of 6.7 and a five-year impact factor of 8.6. 
IJPDLM seeks strategically focused, theoretically grounded, empirical and conceptual, quantitative and qualitative original research studies in logistics, physical distribution, purchasing, operations and supply chain management, and associated strategic issues. This means that papers published in IJPDLM need to rely on a rigorous empirical methodology with a strong theoretical basis and contributions. A clear discussion of the results' implications, generalizability, and contribution to knowledge, with a clear connection to the SCM/Logistics literature, is also essential.
IJPDLM encourages conceptual papers or literature reviews to advance theoretical concepts or theories. However, IJPDLM does not usually publish descriptive literature reviews or bibliometric analyses that focus solely on telling who or what topics are cited and describing past studies without adding any new knowledge.
Quantitatively oriented mathematical and modeling research papers are considered out of scope and not suitable for IJPDLM. However, a quantitative model can be included as a part of an empirical study, action research, or design science paper.

The main roles and expectations of SAEs: 

Below are the roles, responsibilities, and expectations of senior associate editors. 

  • The editor-in-chief will assign at least four and up to six manuscripts to the senior associate editors per annum. A reduced workload may be possible upon agreement with the editor-in-chief. 
  • The manuscripts assigned may come from regular issues, special issues, or special sections. 
  • For each manuscript assigned, the senior associate editors must manage the first review process until a final decision is made.
  • For each manuscript, the senior associate editors are expected to invite at least two suitable (high-quality) reviewers and follow up with the reviewers to make sure at least two blinded reviews are obtained on time.
  • For every manuscript with sufficient reviews, the senior associate editors are expected to review the manuscripts, consider reviews from reviewers and write a constructive recommendation to the editor-in-chief.
  • The senior associate editors are expected to improve the quality and contribution of the manuscripts, help authors improve their research and manuscripts, and help reviewers make their reviews more constructive. 
  • The senior associate editors are expected to support the editor-in-chief and other editorial members as an expert in a specialized area of expertise, subject area, or methodology. 
  • The senior associate editors should be prepared to contribute to the success of the journal by chairing meetings and representing/promoting the journal at events and to institutions.

Essential candidate qualities: 

Below are essential qualities sought from candidates. We are seeking applicants who:

  • Have significant scholarly contributions in any area of logistics, physical distribution and/or supply chain management. 
  • Have extensive experience as a reviewer, guest editor, and even editor in related journals of similar reputations and areas.
  • Specialize in a primary area of expertise, but they are expected to have the experience and ability to handle manuscripts in some specialized subjects and domains.
  • Possess methodological expertise in quantitative and/or qualitative methods, and recent advances in methodologies relevant to the field.
  • Have demonstrated expertise and experience to complement the current editor-in-chief, especially to improve the quality and contribution of the journal.
  • Have demonstrated manuscript central administration experience and the capacity to handle deadlines and lead time requirements for completing reviews and recommendation. Training will be provided.
  • Possess demonstrated ability to work constructively with authors, reviewers, senior associate editors and guest editors.

Popular areas of expertise and methodologies: 

  • The journal mostly receives manuscripts based on one of the following methodologies: literature review, conceptual, qualitative, quantitative (empirical, not mathematic modeling). There is an increased use of methods such as action research, design science, experiments, and mixed methods.
  • For popular subject areas, please refer to the recently published articles. 

Candidate shortlisting and interview process:

If you wish to apply for the senior associate editorial role, please email a cover letter to the EICs, Prof. Chee Yew Wong (email: [email protected]) and Prof. Ivan Russo (email: [email protected]). This letter should state why you would like to apply, and how your skills and qualities meet the above “essential qualities”, along with a short CV that focuses on your publishing, reviewing and editorial experience by the closing date.
Selected candidates will be shortlisted for a virtual interview. Dates and time for the interview to be mutually agreed upon. 
Closing date: 30th November 2023
Notification: 31st January 2024

More information:

For an informal discussion of the nature of the senior associate editorial roles and the available support from the publisher (Emerald Publishing) and editorial manager, please email Prof. Chee Yew Wong (email: [email protected]) and Prof. Ivan Russo (email: [email protected]) so that an online meeting can be arranged.
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