Short Notes on Methods: A New Article Type for IJOTB

International Journal of Organization Theory & Behavior

The International Journal of Organization Theory & Behavior is now open to submissions under a new article type, called ‘Short Note on Methods’ (or SNM). These are short papers (up to 5000 words) that cover one specific point of concern related to any method, with practical implications for organizational behavior research. SNM are designed to guide researchers in the use of a well-defined aspect of a method. As such they cannot present approaches or overarching methodological perspectives, but they focus on one aspect deemed particularly relevant to research in the area. SNM can be triggered by the misinterpretation or incorrect use of an instrument, by the need for specifications, by presenting unexplored elements of a well-known tool/approach, or simply by the intent to drive and establish best practices. Any aspect of methodology can be covered (e.g., preliminary considerations, reporting, calculations, design) as well as any method (i.e. qualitative, quantitative, and computational).

SNM are designed to provide a how-to guide to those interested in finding up-to-date and reliable information on methods and are a resource for both the International Journal of Organization Theory & Behavior and the broader organizational behavior research community.