Virtual Special Issue: Food Supply Chains

The International Journal of Logistics Management

Professor Britta GammelgaardCopenhagen Business School, Denmark - Editor-in-Chief


Again and again, I return to the JBL editorial by Stan Fawcett and Matt Waller from 2013, terming supply chain management “The beautiful discipline” (Considering Supply Chain Management's Pro-fessional Identity: The Beautiful Discipline (Or, “We Don’t Cure Cancer, But We Do Make a Big Differ-ence”), 34(3), pp. 183-188). 

Our present climate and other present challenges untold in this introduction, I still like to think about SCM as a beautiful discipline as it, for example, brings food from earth to people’s dinner tables (or the like). With this virtual issue of IJLM dedicated to the CSCMP European research Seminar, we want to address the topic of food supply chains, and, at the same time, remind you of UN Sustainable Development Goals, particularly numbers 2 and 12. 

Emerald has provided participants of ERS free access from 5th June to 5th July. 



The stakeholder's roles in risk management related to food supply chain recalls: a systematic literature review by Lucas Lima de Oliveira, Andrea Lago da Silva, Carla Roberta Pereira, Atanu Chaudhuri

Food supply chain waste reduction for a circular economy in the COVID-19 pandemic: a longitudinal study of New Zealand consumers by Na Luo, Tava Olsen, Subhamoy Ganguly, Yanping Liu 

Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on perishable food supply chain management: a contingent Resource-Based View (RBV) perspective by Mahak Sharma, Haseena Alkatheeri, Fauzia Jabeen, Rajat Sehrawat

Coping with the postponement boundary problem: an empirical investigation in global food supply chains by Lorenzo Bruno Prataviera, Emilio Moretti, Elena Tappia 

Responding to the COVID-19 pandemic – catching up in the food industry through business model innovation by Christopher Münch, Evi Hartmann 

The sustainable development of rural-to-urban food supply chains in developing nations by Trang Hoang, John Bell, Pham Hung Hiep, Chad W. Autry

Linking big data, sustainable supply chain management and corporate performance: the moderating role of circular economy thinking by Thanh Tiep Le