Special Issue: Digital health and governance: implications and challenges

International Journal of Health Governance

Digital health and governance: implications and challenges

Guest Editors

Sergey Soshnikov, School of Health Sciences, Central Michigan University, USA.

Mark Storey, George Washington University, Milken Institute School of Public Health, USA. 


The papers in this Special Section provide differing perspectives and describe various aspects of digital health. The rapid emergence of new fields of digital health will force all health care practitioners, educators, managers, researchers and funders to engage with the topic sooner rather than later. The more we educate ourselves about advances in the field of digital health, the better prepared we will be to discuss, debate, evaluate and apply the many applications which are now being used or developed. Therefore, the review editor would like to thank the authors who have introduced the topic of digital health through the submission of their papers to IJHG and to invite further submissions on these and related subjects. How we apply digital health in all its aspects will undeniably change the way we understand health governance in the near future.

Guest editorial: Digital health and governance: implications and challenges
Mark Allen Storey, Sergey Soshnikov

Strengthening health data governance: new equity and rights-based principles
Louise Holly, Shannon Thom, Mohamed Elzemety, Beatrice Murage, Kirsten Mathieson, Maria Isabel Iñigo Petralanda

A study on next-generation digital tool for health data management: the e-Pulse portal
Seda H. Bostancı, Seda Yıldırım, Durmus Cagri Yildirim

Popular diffusion as an instrument for overcoming barriers to digital health in Iran: the critical role of the pandemic
Kioomars Ashtarian, Manal Etemadi